Select a return gift that pleases everyone

A return gift is a token of appreciation for your guests for attending your party and needs to be thoughtful. Whether it is your wedding or your child's first birthday or any other event, selecting the perfect return gift for your guests can be intimidating. At your party, you expect people of different age groups and intimacy with your family. While there is no perfect gift, with proper planning and a bit of luck, you can select a gift that pleases everyone.

Before we suggest you some fantastic gift ideas for your event, here are some factors you must consider while selecting them:
  • Make a Budget: Hosting a party is an expensive affair in itself. Therefore, you must make a separate budget for a return gift and ensure that you stick to it. It does not matter if your budget is big or small, making it narrows down your choices and confusion.
  • Do a Head-Count: By now, you must have already prepared the guest-list for your party. Go through your guest-list and count the number of persons or families attending it. It gives you an idea about how many return gifts you will have to purchase. Make sure that you purchase some extra gifts for unaccounted guests.
  • Select Gifts as per the Occasion: The return gifts you select must go with the event and appear meaningful. A return gift for your house warming party, no matter how great it looks, won't be appropriate at your kid's first birthday party.
  • Select Appropriate Gifts: While selecting a return gift for your party, you must combine aesthetics with functionality. Especially for children, your gifts must be age-specific and according to their interests. You can even consider different gift items for different age-groups. For instance, if kids are Disney fans, then ordering a Disney Subscription box makes perfect sense to surprise them.
  • Research Online: The Internet is the perfect place for conducting a quick survey. Since you already know your budget and quantity, go on-line to get the latest gift ideas and price guidance.
Now that you are aware of what to look for, here are our suggestions for return gift ideas:

Board Games:

As kids overtly indulge in the digital medium these days, board games offer a fun way to keep your kids away from them. These games culminate playing in groups and instantly get approval from their parents. As these board games are available across all price and age range, you won't have a problem in finding one that suits your budget and guests. 
  • Suitable For: Children above 3-5 years. Ensure caution as some board games may have small pieces.
  • Ideal For: Birthday parties.

Personalized Chocolates:

You can never go wrong with chocolates as a return gift. Additionally, you can personalize chocolates by putting names, dates, thank-you notes, or even photos. These personalized chocolates packed in elegant gift boxes make it an excellent choice for return gifts for birthday or wedding. 

Chocolates are perfect for every occasion

  • Suitable For: Children and adults of all age-groups.
  • Ideal For: All occasions like birthday parties, weddings, house-warmings, etc.


Bright colors and moving elements often appeal to children. If you are expecting children in middle school at your kid's birthday party, a globe is an affordable and educational return gift item. A globe visualizes the world better and teaches them about countries, cities, seas, mountains, etc. Additionally, they get to learn about distances by the touch-and-feel method.
  • Suitable For: Children above age 5. If you are expecting younger kids, you can try globes with lights
  • Ideal For: Birthday parties

Household Utilities:

Small utility items that help your guest in their day to day activities offer a practical solution to your gifting dilemma. Especially on occasion like house warming, your guests will appreciate a gift they can use in their office or home. You can never go wrong with utilities like desk-organizers, customized calendars, kitchen gadgets, scented candles, etc.
  • Suitable For: Relatives, couples.
  • Ideal For: House Warming

Piggy Banks

What better way of teaching children to save their money than piggy banks! Piggy banks have evolved from just being a box with a coin slot. You can choose from a wide range of elegant piggy banks with additional sound and light effects in unique shapes and sizes.
  • Suitable For: Kids above the age of 2 years or their parents.
  • Ideal For: Birthday Parties.

Drawing Sets:

Coloring books with crayons or oil paint are a great way to keep the young ones engaged. Since children enjoy playing with colors, these drawing sets encourage them to draw. Additionally, these drawing sets boost creativity in children at an early age.
  • Suitable For: Kids above the age of 2 years.
  • Ideal For: Birthday Parties.


Nothing highlights your care for nature more than a small plant as a return gift. A small plant in a clay pot is a perfect gift item regardless of the event. As they see the plant grow, younger kids learn to be considerate and responsible. Go green with an eco-friendly gift item that goes with every occasion.
  • Suitable For: Kids and adults of all ages.
  • Ideal For: Birthday Parties and House Warming.


There you have it! Seven incredible return gifts for every occasion! Return gifts are a way to show your love and concern to your guests. Hopefully, the tips and these thoughtful recommendations mentioned in this article will relieve you of the stress of finding suitable return gifts for your next party.

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