Wondering what you should give to someone on their name day celebration? Don’t worry; I will give you 20 gift ideas in a short while. First, let me define the Name Day occasion and how it is celebrated in Greece. This is a ceremony marked by many European countries why individuals are named after a saint. Many hold more value to this ceremony than a birthday so it’s a big deal, especially in Greece.

That said, I have gathered up 20 last-minute gifts that will definitely impress the celebrant in a big way. So if you haven’t found a great gift to present during this special occasion, read through for more inspiration. 



Flowers are the most cherished gifts for happy Name Day wishes, especially if you are gifting a girl or a woman. Even if you choose other gifts you can complement them with a nice bouquet of flowers. 

Home Made Meal

If it’s your spouse or a lover, you can cook them a nice delicious homemade meal, that is served under in a romantic set up and candlelight. This is perfect if you have been dating for a while.

Take Her Out

Sometimes it’s the only great gift you can give someone is yourself. Leaving your job or other daily activities to be with the celebrant can also make a great Naming Day gift

Gift Basket 


You are just going to work and you have just realised it is Name Day today and you have not bought him anything special. Don’t worry, you can pass by a gift shop on your way to work and get him a nice gift basket full of goodies. 

Chocolate Cookies for Him

Any man would appreciate good food especially homemade. Get that good old recipe that has been in the family for years candy and prepares him these nice chocolate cookies.

A bottle of Perfume


For that best friend of yours who has just turned 21 and is about to celebrate her Name Day, a nice bottle of perfume with a sweet fragrance will make a perfect gift for her. It’s a big day for her so get her the biggest bottle available. 

A Barbecue Grill for Him

To make those mouth-watering, delicious steaks & meats, a man needs a great electric smoker or barbecue grill. You can make this happen by getting him one on his Name Day. This is an impressive gift that any man will like. But it's a smart choice to check what is the best electric smoker under 400 so everything will be into your budget.

Custom Ring

Another fabulous gift that will impress both men and women is a custom ring or rings that have been engraved your names to make personalize the gift. When choosing this gift, go for genuine gold or silver medal to avoid embarrassing moments when it wears off. 

A Smartwatch for Him

Men are big boys when it comes to toys and gadgets. If you are pressed for time and you need to make it home before the celebrations, just pass by a convenient store and get him the latest version of smartwatch and he will surely appreciate it. 

Greeting Card


Another great gifts for Name Day celebrant that you can rush and get in the last minute are colourful happy Name Day cards. This is an amazing gift that anyone will appreciate. The bigger the better.

Breakfast in Bed


Let him or her wake up with a lovely treat of an appetising breakfast on their beds. Make the celebrant all the finest delicacies he likes in the morning and he will wake up with great expectations. 

Get Her a Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are cute and adorable to any girl and they make amazing Name Day, birthday and even valentine gifts. You can give it to your sister or girlfriend; just make sure that it is big with s bright color. 

A Nice Cake

One of the best gifts to give out on Name Day is lovely cake, and since it’s the last minute rush, just make a stop at your local bakery and order a colourful cake for the celebrant. 

Ladies Leather Bag

This gift is a perfect practical gift for the cooperate woman who wants to look stylish while heading to work. These handbags are available in many colours and size too so you are guaranteed to get what she loves. 

A Beer Rack


A beer rack is a perfect gift for men who like to unwind with a bottle or two of beer after a busy day or during the weekend. 

Name Day Socks

Get your man some great sock for his Name Day and you will be doing him a great favour since men hardly have enough time to shop for this commodity. It can be a pair or a few pairs. All the same, the gift of socks will be appreciated 

Kitchen Appliances for Her

So that she prepares the delicious meals you always love, new kitchen appliances from a professional brand will be are great gifts. It may be s food blender, an oven, or even a coffee machine. 

Get her a Kindle if she likes to read

For those who love to expand their knowledge through books you can get them a digital one where they can buy eBooks and subscribe for magazines online without much hassle. 

A Bottle of His Favourite Wine

Grab that expensive bottle of wine that always tickles his taste buds, on your way home to celebrate his Name Day. This ceremony is just like a birthday, and any gift you can think of for a birthday will also work for this occasion.

Jewellery for the Lovely Lady

Who doesn’t know that jewellery is a lady’s greatest friend? Women love looking good and with these accessories, they will look even more beautiful. 

Spend quality time

Another great gift that is always underrated is spending some quality time with the celebrant, especially if you are always a way for business trips and other many other life’s pressing issues. There are a lot more gifts I could think of but for now, let’s settle for these. You can pick one that will definitely make a statement to the celebrant since the occasion is all about them. 

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