A home is meant to be a secure and peaceful place where we live and interact with other dear ones. It is meant to host our most-prized possessions, and is a place where we live happily and feel safe. A home can be some place you live alone, with a pet, a roommate, parents and children, or any other form of family. It is where you feel the safest. So why would you not want to invest in a place that is most precious to you?

According to statistics, three out of four homes are likely to be broken into in the United States of America alone.

Protect Your Home

Protecting your home should be your number one priority as it ensures the safety for you, your family, and everything you own. How can you ensure the safety of your family? How can you avoid burglaries and being one of the alarming statistics? Home security systems come in many forms and while they may seem like an investment with no benefit to many people, they are the best way to protect your family from unfortunate predicaments.

There is a 300% chance of a home without a security system to be burglarized. At this rate, looking into home protection services and OGS security guards may be advantageous.

Medical Assistance on Demand

Home security systems come with the advantage of having emergency buttons around the home. This could be useful for medical emergencies. People who live alone, especially those in an older age bracket, tend to need direct access to doctors, hospitals, and ambulances. This can provide an incredible peace of mind for people. Medical assistance should always be a call away and available on demand.

Imagine your child falling sick and not having access to a healthcare professional in an emergency. Would it not give you an incredible relief from anxiety knowing no matter what happens, a medical emergency can be avoided? This is one other reason for installing a home security system in your house.

Being a Homeowner with Insurance

Just two years ago, in 2017, homeowners had claimed insurance for property damage which included theft amounting to 98.1% of those who had insurance. Being a homeowner without a home security system can increase the cost of living drastically.

According to statistics, the insurance premium in owning a home can reduce up to 20% just by having a home security system installed. Keeping this and the number of increasing burglaries in mind, having a home security system seems like a smart way to move forward, doesn’t it?

Having a Home Security System with Children

Out of the many benefits of having a home security system, a great plus point that comes with many is the ability to keep a track on what goes on inside your home. Many working parents with children are unable to keep tabs on them throughout their workday.

Even while travelling, parents can keep an eye on their children at home via telecommunication methods used in home security systems.

Cameras installed in the main areas of your home allow you to access them from anywhere in the world granted you have an active internet connection. This means you can also keep an eye on who is coming into your home and which areas of the house they are going into. This comes especially in handy as children grow older and start having people over. Ensuring the protection of your children and home can be accessible for you as simple as from your smartphone.

Not only this, a home security system can allow you to only give permissible access to those you allow beforehand. For example, you may be able to set up a digital code for entry, or with today’s technological capabilities, allow access through biometric verification.

Biometric verifications will allow only your family (or anyone else you preset), to access your home. This keeps your valuables safe, as well as your family.

Home Security Gives You Protection from Fire Hazards

Along with the security of living, home security systems come fitted with smoke detectors. This may not seem important at first, but think about it for a minute. If you are away from home and there is an accidental fire, the home security system’s fire and smoke detectors will sense the hazard and automatically contact the concerned fire departments and authorities. Not only this, you will get a notification of said hazard directly as well.

While fire hazards may not seem common, 96% of homes have had some form of fire or smoke related incident. While this may seem a lot, many of them have gone undetected- one in three of these homes have not had a functioning smoke alarm. Therefore, showing an increase in the amount of security required around smoke and fire related hazards.

Gas Leaks and Making Sure They Don’t Happen

It is estimated that in the United States, 17 people a year die from gas leaks and explosions caused by gas. This may not seem like a large statistic, but it does not narrow down the threat of gas leaks and explosions within a home. Home security systems have tracks around the home, especially in kitchens, that can calculate the number of pollutants in the air.

By ensuring the air within a home remains clean, there is a good chance that you will not only keep your family protected from inhaling harmful chemicals but avoid unnecessary excessive damage to your home and loved ones.

Keeping a Track of What Goes on in Your Home

Home security systems come with latches on doors and windows which you can track. These tracks are plenty useful in allowing you to know if there are any doors, windows, or accessible spaces within your home that are not secured. You can even determine when the access is blocked. For example, if someone (from inside or outside) opens a door or window that is meant to be secured, you will be alerted either via blaring alarms within the house, or via telecommunication. This is useful for those who are not in their homes for long periods of time, such as during a workday, or even if they leave for a vacation.

Important if you are Living Alone

Those who live alone face more of a risk of burglaries or break ins. Burglars usually watch homes before they attack to make note of your movements, timings, and whether you are alone. This can be a scary thought. A way to ensure your own personal safety is through investing in OGS security guards. This is important especially if you are an individual who may attract a lot of unwanted attention. Coming back home knowing it is a safe space for you is crucial to your mental well-being. A home security system will let you keep track of whether someone was trying to barge into your home without your consent, and also give you easy access to authorities in your locality.

With these many reasons to invest in a home security system, it is evident that for a life well lived and mental peace, they are one of the most essential investments you can make.