Orlando is an awesome destination rain or shine. It offers more than one can think of, from extreme rides to museums and restaurants. It’s like a magical city, full of fun and excitement. Orlando is the host of wonderworks, one of the popular tourist attractions in the city that offers a fun-filled environment, even when it rains. There are so many Orlando indoor activities one can look for.

Activities Worth Trying In Orlando
  • · Bed of nails. Have you seen people walking on top of nails? You will experience the same, if you desire. Here at bed of nails, you can walk through a thousand of nails and feel as if you’re not. There should be a science explanation for it and that is worth knowing.
  • · Velocity Ball. Try how hard and accurate you can throw a ball, just like in a baseball game. Play like a real pitcher and you will hear the voice of an umpire, shouting at you. Come and feel the way a pitcher throws the ball, hard and accurately.
  • · Disaster Zone. Having heard of news reports of natural disaster, but, haven’t experience such? You can try and feel, what is it, to be blown by a hurricane force winds and a strong earthquake. You can experience it at disaster zone.
  • · Mind Ball. Be amaze of this advance technology game of mind power. You can try to move ball across the table, using only the power of your mind. Isn’t it amazing?
  • · Wonder Coaster. Wonder coaster will let you enjoy a exciting and fun filled ride in a roller coaster, you have virtually made. With the use of a simulator, you will experience the thrills of every 360 degrees turn you will make.
  • · 4D The Extreme Motion Ride. This is awesome, as this theater will let you experience a 3D film, this time with a twist. This time, you will be sitting on an motion capable seats.
  • · The Indoor Rope Challenge. This is a survival course of 3- storey high. Here you will experience different obstacles, that includes bridges and beams that swings.
  • · The Game of Lazer-tag. It is a large area maze and will end in a video arcade section of the park.

Rain cannot deter tourists and visitors from having fun in Orlando.  Their several things you can do in Orlando, even when it rains.