Nowadays, it is easier to stay on your gluten-free diet when dining out. This is because many restaurant chains now offer menus that are gluten-free. Furthermore, restaurant owners seem to have researched extensively to understand the needs of people suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. Here are a few rules to follow to ensure that you stay away from gluten when dining out.

Choose the restaurant wisely

If you have gluten sensitivity, it is best to always go to restaurants that offer gluten-free menus. Most of these facilities will have trained their staff on ways of keeping food gluten-free and avoiding contamination. You should start looking for restaurants early by asking around or checking the internet for reviews on gluten-free restaurants in your locality. Most restaurants’ websites will display and update their gluten-free menus regularly.

Talk to the manager or chef

Instead of always relying on the server to send work to the manager and chef, it is best that you talk to him/her directly. This is important because details can be overlooked and ingredients may get garbled, plus preventing cross-contamination is never an easy task. Most chefs are quite knowledgeable, and they will be eager to help you out. Furthermore, chefs are the ones who prepare or oversee meal preparation, and they will ensure that you get gluten-free meals.

Go for restaurants that make their meals from scratch

Always go for establishments like Evelyn's New Brunswick restaurant that usually make their meals from scratch so that you can be confident there is no contamination. Furthermore, most of these restaurants will cater to the needs of diners who have specific dietary restrictions and requirements. This is because they tend to be more meticulous about the ingredients they use. Establishments that create their meals from scratch will also devote more time to clients who have special requests.

Dine late or early

If you suffer from gluten sensitivity, it is best that you always time your meals either before or after the rush hours. This way, you will have adequate time and also easy access to the individuals who can assist you. During the busiest meal times, most servers, chefs, and even the managers will be quite busy and may not give your issue much thought. You can avoid this by coming early or after the working hours.

Avoid some cuisines when unsure

Some types of food such as Italian and Japanese cuisines usually have gluten in their common ingredients. Therefore, it is best to avoid them if you are still not sure about the restaurant and what they offer. Most Italian easting spots have pasta and pizza as the main dishes, while Japanese Cuisines will contain soy sauce in them and they all have gluten. South American, Indian, and Mexican dishes are better alternatives because they are mainly made from rice and corn.

With all the above in mind, it will be much easier for you to sit back and enjoy the best dining experience. However, you need to always be more vigilant when dining out than people who have no food intolerance. Be sure to always ask questions even if the restaurant has an impressive gluten-free menu. Always return to restaurants that work best for you to avoid going through the same stress every time you dine at a new restaurant.

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