Consider A Juice Diet

Becoming increasingly popular, you might have heard other names for juice diets, like juice fasts or juice detox. It’s often a great option when you’re looking to lose weight fast. It’s a quick fix because with this type of diet, you’ll be restricting your calorie intake from all kinds of solid food, and your primary source of nutrition will be fruit and vegetable juices.

Types of Juice Diets

There are basically two types of juice diets. The most extreme one will last up to a week without solid food. You could allow yourself to have some solid food if you want to continue your diet for more extended periods. The other method involves drinking juices only with no solid food for three days. Some plans may allow you to add yogurt or honey to the liquid.

The Importance of Fruits and Veggies

Logically, fruits and vegetables are significant components of a balanced diet. In fact, they should make up for half of your overall food consumption on any given day. The ideal balance should be around 30% vegetables and 20% fruit. This amount will differ depending on certain factors like your age, gender, and the amount of physical activity you get daily.


In addition, our bodies can often confuse hunger with thirst. Fruits and vegetables keep us hydrated, and you might notice that your hunger pangs disappear after drinking water. This means that your body isn’t starving, but it’s actually thirsty. When you quench your thirst with juice, it will help you to eat less.

Can You Survive on Juice Alone?

It’s not always possible to get all the nutrients you need just through juice diets, so they’re used for a shorter period. They tend to lack fat and protein. But you can live on a juice diet for a prescribed amount of time, whether for a couple of days or a week.

If you’re considering going on a juice diet, first ensure you have your doctor’s approval because it might not be recommended for everyone. Also, make your own juices and not go for store-bought products. 

The blender you buy will affect the success of your juice diet. Generally, lower-priced models have weaker motors that can conk out quickly. You’ll want to get a good model that uses 600+ watts. You can read more here to learn about the best personal blenders to blend your juice at home.

Now, let’s give 5 great reasons why a juice diet could work for you!

There will be weight loss.

Almost in all cases of people who have tried juice diets, weight loss has been achieved. When you lessen starch consumption, your body sheds weight in water, affecting your weight.

Gut benefits

More recent studies show that juice diets will benefit your gut because the bacteria in your digestive tract are thought to impact your weight. One study showed that three days on a diet changed intestinal microbiota in a way associated with weight loss. It’s also revealed that a juice diet will help in long-term weight loss.

Helps the immune system

The juice diet employs fasting since you’re restricting or even eliminating foods for a certain period. When the body is fasting, it engages in a metabolic type of exercise, if you will, by burning stored fat. In addition, fasting helps your diet to achieve to eat fewer calories to get rid of damaged cells and produce new ones.


The diet is a supporting system for detoxing your body by giving it antioxidants. Part of the whole idea is to give your digestive system a break. Your body already has the natural ability to detox, but the diet further supports this process.

Easy to digest

Juicing will eliminate much of the fiber found in fruits or vegetables. For many people, it’s easier to absorb liquids than solid food. This means you might be able to consume more beverages than eating fruits. But by the same token, blending rather than juicing fruits is recommended to help retain essential fibers.

Few things in life can taste good and promote weight loss. However, a balanced and delicious juice diet can provide health benefits while helping you shed some weight in just a few days. So, you can go for a juice diet whenever you need to lose weight fast without missing out on essential nutrients. When you see results quickly, this will motivate you to stay on the healthy-eating track.