Much like wine, coffee has a lot of nuances that shape the whole experience. These nuances depend on its origins, the brewing process, the roasting level, and much more. Its aroma and flavor characteristics have huge differences, too. For this reason, it’s common for people to search for the right food pairing for a specific blend of coffee like they do for certain types of wine. For combinations with citrus notes, what snack would go well with them? What about coffee with floral notes; which dessert can you pair with it? You can try different food combinations at bedok 85 and satisfy your taste buds.

I’ll answer that for you.  All you have to do is keep reading. 

Breakfast Foods

Let’s start this list with the most popular food pairing for coffee: breakfast food. Toast, pancakes, and anything you eat for breakfast they’re great paired with coffee. In particular, cappuccino and lattes are great for these simple dishes. Savory crepes with meat, cheese, or vegetables are lovely to pair with coffee. Pick a variety from the Pacific Islands to enjoy these coffee pairings better. Of course, we can’t leave out the other breakfast staples, like bacon, eggs, and sausages. These are also great as an accompaniment to your morning coffee. If you eat oatmeal or quiche for breakfast, no problem, they’re great with coffee, as well.

Sweet, Sweet Chocolate

Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat chocolate? All kinds of chocolate are great with coffee. This includes a chocolate bar, chocolate ice cream, brownies, etc. Even white chocolate is great to eat alongside your favorite cup of Joe. Coffee enthusiasts at say the sweetness of the chocolate and the bitterness of coffee creates an exciting contrast for your afternoon (or midnight) snack. This is also why we have the mocha latte, a chocolate-flavored latte. Of course, if you’re enjoying coffee made from imported high-quality coffee beans, you should also get artisan chocolate for an exquisite pairing.

Ice Cream 

Speaking of, any flavor of ice cream (even mocha) can do well with coffee. Hot and cold snacks at the same time? Why not? With most flavors, this also creates a nice contrast. Most argue that vanilla is the best flavor you can pair with coffee. This pairing is so good that there’s even a dessert that combines the two in one dish: the affogato. If you’re not familiar with this popular Italian dish, it’s a type of dessert that includes a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream. You then pour a shot of fresh espresso from the machine over the ice cream.

The Meats 

You don’t always have to drink wine with your main course. You can replace it with coffee, and you’ll experience new flavors experiences.

For starters, pair foods that have a fruit component with coffee. Pineapple ham is usually a good choice. Pair it with Kenyan or Ethiopian roast, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t try this sooner. It brings out the dish's pineapple notes, leaving a refreshing flavor behind. The coffee is also great for spicy foods. If you put milk in it, it can also neutralize the burning sensation in your mouth. Peanut chicken is excellent with a rich Sumatra blend, highlighting the nutty notes.

Baked Goods 

Cakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins – you name it-are sure to be suitable for coffee. Besides, enjoying a coffee following a good meal is a habit for some people. This makes desserts natural accompaniments to their hot drink. The only thing you would have to consider is the flavor of your dessert or snack. For example, caramel flan has a salty-sweet flavor and tastes more delicious with Indonesian coffees. Some would also say that Colombian coffee is the best complement to the cinnamon flavor of cinnamon buns. For cakes and doughnuts, coffee on your shelf would work great. Use your handy coffee maker, and you’re good to go. To sum it up, for every baked dish, there’s a perfect coffee variant of it.


For someone who wants to enjoy a cup of coffee with a healthier snack, you have a nice variety of fruits. Fruits are an excellent snack alongside coffee, but the ones that stand out are berries. Blueberries are great with Kenyan or Ethiopian coffees. Peaches, nectarines, apricots, and cherries pair nicely with coffee from Tanzania, Costa Rica, or Nicaragua.

You can enjoy any simple cup of Joe with almost any food you can think of, but consider the time and blend before doing so. However, if you want to elevate these coffee pairings, you must have the right beans and equipment.