Decent To Great

Providing a review is much more than simply writing about your experience with the business or product and what it offers. Whenever you write a review you want the product maker or business to find a way to better the services, they provided which is why giving a great review is pivotal to their growth. 

Many aspects need to be considered when writing a review, such as providing constructive feedback, detailed information, keeping it civil & friendly and many other areas that you need to consider. Let me provide you a few key areas you can keep in mind when you are writing a review:

Talk About More Than Just The Business Services Or Products:

A business is much more than the services or products they offer, which is why when writing a review, you need to keep in mind many other areas. Customer service is very important for any business because people want to be treated properly and with respect. You can provide further insight into how you were treated by providing honest & detailed information on how their customer service operates. For example, how fast they are, if their sellers provide information about their product without having you to ask and many other key areas you can keep in mind.

Help The Business By Providing Constructive & Useful Feedback:

Any business can find a review very useful if it contains how they can better their services or product. By providing constructive & useful feedback they can consider these points to enhance their services. Provide details on how or why your experience was good or bad and explain how it can become better. Many businesses take this information as very useful and can even apply it to their business model. Let them know why you didn’t like the product even if it is just a problem with the color and they may consider changing it.

Be Friendly & Keep It Civil:

Respect is a key area in many areas of society, so even if your experience with the business was less than what you expected it is always a must to be respectful. Many reviews that are simple rants and insults are ignored by these businesses because they are not providing any constructive information they can use to improve, and even if they do, people won't like to read a huge text where they are mostly getting insulted. A review is provided to give a recommendation or a warning about a business, but it is always a great idea to help the business improve and by being friendly & civil no matter your interaction you can be sure your review will be read by both potential clients and the business personnel.

Be Sure Your Review Provides The Right Name Of The Company Or Domain You Are Referring To:

There are many businesses with similar names or even websites that may confuse others if your review is about a business yet showing for another. Be sure to always confirm that you are indicating the right name or domain of the business you are referring too. There are many instances where people provide a good review yet give an incorrect name and all this does is just to provide confusion about the business you incorrectly referred to.

Proofread The Review You Are Providing:

Always be sure to proofread what you have written because you want your review to be taken seriously and not to be simply ignored. Many people that find typos, errors or even nonsensical areas could simply ignore your review regarding a product no matter how good it was. Even if your review was respectful, constructive and helpful if it happens to be filled with errors and other problems it can simply be disregarded by potential clients or the business itself.

Writing a review is not as difficult as it sounds, yet writing a great review means that you considered many points while writing it and after it was done. Be sure to always be respectful, provide constructive information, be detailed and proofread your review and this will surely increase the chances of your review being considered by both buyers and sellers.

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