Laundry Tips

Who doesn’t love to travel to different places or tour to different locations? Whether you want to opt for a short trip or a long vacation, one category is the permanent citizen in your luggage – clothes. 

Travelling and exploring is fun but the chores associated with the clothes can be extremely tedious and frustrating. Nobody wants to take out time to do laundry from the fun and joyous experience felt from extraordinary voyages! That is why we are here to escort you from this dreary responsibility and turn this tiresome duty into delightful options for you to avail!

Why you should wash and clean your clothes while travelling?

Trip, which is for one week or one month, keeping laundry, as a choice is what you probably going to have. The mere thinking of this makes us yawn and sigh! However, the savior is right here! Washing and cleaning your clothes work to your advantage in 3 different ways.
  1. If you are keeping washing your clothes while travelling as an option, you are doing it right. This makes the luggage light and comparatively free because you can pack less clothes.
  2. You can always rewear and redress your favorite attires as much as you please!
  3. When you are finally returning home after your wonderful adventure, you will have one less thing to stress about, as you will be back with less chores of dirty laundry.

Here are some tips to wash clothes while you travel hassle-free with your backpacker or your luxury traveler. From laundromats, hotel services, hotel sink for hand washing to camping solutions, you will be thankful that you saw this article. 
  • Hotel Services – Now, almost all the hotels provide laundry services, which includes washing, drying, ironing and hanging the clothes. All you have to do is to opt for laundry service from the hotel. Leave your suite without a sweat and return back to see your laundry is done!
  • Hand wash System – The satisfaction of cleaning the dirty clothing by oneself. If the hotel offers the sink or bathtub, wash your clothes there. The laundry soap and all the necessary items for washing are available for you.
  • Self Service Laundry Option – No options in your hotel? Try booking a room with a washing machine to clean up your worries!
  • Laundromats - Check out Laundry Service, Abu Dhabi when you visit the United Arab Emirates and forget your worries about doing laundry. The service is brilliant; they will take the laundry from your place and return them all clean and dried. You can avail for washing machines, which are run by coins or tokens. Another excellent provider is Laundry Palm Jumeirah.
  • RV Travels of Campervan – These washing units are mini, compact and moveable designed for small apartments and spaces like RVs. This system provides you to have flexible time and space to wash clothes as well as drying them outdoors.
  • Hand Washing Outdoors – Be in complete sync with nature and let that aid you with all the best resources. While you are out camping or hiking, use natural means to wash clothes directly from rivers, streams or lakes. Keep them hanged under the sun. Wear it as it is fresh and new!

  • While these tips certainly shall guide you to have wonderful laundry, we would advise you to carry a mini laundry-travelling kit.

Bag Organizer Packing Cubes

  • Laundry soap
  • Washing Machine Laundry Bags
  • Vacuum Storage Organizer Bags
  • Scrubber
  • Ropes
All these essential items, pack it in your bag as a mandatory kit while you go anywhere for more than 3 days and ready, set, go! Travel free and with ease!