Romantic love is one of the most important factors in a person's life with human pheromones actively involved in sexual attraction; helping to stimulate arousal, desire, lust, and even fertility. Lovemaking plays a huge role in the expression of love and care that is present between two people.

Men primarily enjoy lovemaking activities a lot and being able to make love and satisfy their partners in bed is very important for them and their self-esteem.

This is the reason that men who are not able to make love or have difficulties in making love often find themselves inadequate and unhappy in their marriage.

Earlier, the inability to make love was known as impotence and was often thought to be a matter of huge shame for a man who suffers from this condition.

But times are very different now and it is evident that this physical disability is not a matter to be ashamed of, but just a physical disability and condition that can be treated as well as prevented by various means.

But in spite of this, men still find this condition as an attack on their masculinity. But it is nothing to be afraid of, and a little understanding of this condition and making use of the various treatments of this condition will help men overcome the challenges associated with this condition.

This condition is medically known as erectile dysfunction. The symptoms of this condition include a weak erection which is not suitable for sexual intercourse or a complete absence of erection despite sexual attraction between partners. This condition also reduces the sex drive of a man and he is diagnosed with this condition if he has been showing symptoms of this condition for at least three months.

This condition can be a result of various diseases such as diabetes and narrowing of the arteries or neural disorders. Erectile dysfunction is also caused by lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking, alcoholism, and even drug abuse. Excessive weight and even obesity can be causes of erectile dysfunction and in some cases; it is a result of psychological conditions such as inferiority complex and even depression.

Based on the cause of the condition and analyzing the severity of this condition, suitable treatments for erectile dysfunction are prescribed by the doctors.

If the cause of the condition is a result of other underlying diseases then once these major diseases are treated, this condition goes away. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological then it is followed with counselling and suitable treatments and if therapy does not work or if the condition is severe only then it is followed with medications like Fildena for erectile dysfunction treatment.

In the olden days various treatments of these conditions were proposed and used but there was little to no research and evidence behind those treatments. But all the medical treatments of erectile dysfunction that are offered today are backed by strong scientific research and verified proofs and evidence which testifies the effectiveness of these treatments.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is the presence of an inadequate amount of testosterone, which is a major male sex hormone. If it is so, testosterone is injected into the penis of the man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction due to the lack of it.

Other than this, the most common cause of erectile dysfunction is the lack of proper amount of blood flowing towards the penis which is necessary for having an erect penis for lovemaking.

The oral treatments of erectile dysfunction treat this problem by promoting a proper supply of blood towards the penis in the presence of sexual stimulation.

The oral treatments of this condition contain the active ingredients which are known as PDE5 inhibitors, these ingredients restrict the action of PDE5 enzyme in the body of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Once this enzyme is in check, there is an increase in the nitric oxide and thus it helps in relaxing the muscles and the blood vessels lining the penile shaft. Once these blood vessels relax, more amount of blood flows towards the penis and makes the penis hard and erect for lovemaking. This action takes place if and only if a man is sexually stimulated or the medication will not show its effects.

There are many PDE5 inhibitors that can treat erectile dysfunction such as Sildenafil citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil.

These PDE5 inhibitors are available in many brands in the form of oral tablets, chewable and even oral jelly. The best form of oral treatments for your condition will be prescribed to you by your doctor. Among all of them, which contains the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate, is the most well of them all as it was the first FDA approved oral drug for the condition of erectile dysfunction.

But as it is a branded medication, its price is really high and is not a sustainable option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for many men out there as it is a medication that is needed as and when a man needs to have a lovemaking session with his partner.

So many men turn to the equally effective yet affordable generic brands of oral erectile dysfunction treatments such as Fildena, which contains the same active ingredient  As it is a generic medication, the price of Fildena is much cheaper than the branded ones so men can easily afford it even if they need it regularly.

You can ask your doctor to prescribe you the generic brand of the oral medications for the which you can then buy from your local pharmacy or the pharmacy of the hospital your visit.

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