Nashville’s latest updates

Earlier this month, dozens of large companies and over 100 small businesses in Tennessee offered a rebuke to the newly enacted law that targets the LGBT community. 

Several companies predicted an economic backlash from the law and other proposals, while one company said that the legislation had put its plans of adding more jobs in Nashville in doubt.

The bill was signed last month by GOP Gov. Bill Lee - a religiously conservative businessman - and was made effective immediately. He argued that the bill would protect religious liberty, although it assured continued funding to faith-based foster care even if they exclude the LGBT families and others based on religious beliefs. 

A letter from companies including Nike, Nissan, and Amazon, strongly condemned the bill for its anti-LGBT agenda. Dell Technologies, Nashville Soccer Club, and Nashville International Airport were also among those who denounced the legislation. Representatives were alarmed by the administration’s agenda and opined that such bills are “just plain wrong.”

Last month, the Nashville council also passed a resolution denouncing the adoption bill. The council members further said that this bill would have “tremendous negative impacts on the finances of Nashville” and could lead to boycotts of businesses across the state. 

A similar discriminatory law had previously resulted in the loss of business and the cancellation of the planned Nashville convention by the American Counselling Association in 2016. 

Tennessee’s anti-LGBT bill comes in at a time when the state continues to grow. The adoption law hasn’t affected the business yet, but a growing number of companies see discriminatory bills as bad for business. Nashville Predators – an ice hockey team based in Nashville – warned that such bills would reduce revenue for the city and the state by “inhibiting our ability to secure events like those and future events such as league marquee events, NCAA games, award shows and countless potential concerts.”

ACLU and others challenge the bail bond rule:

The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee, Choosing Justice Initiative, and Civil Rights Corps have challenged a court rule related to bail bond deposit. 

The rule denies people who have been jailed, access to bail bond deposits when their cases are finished until all the court costs and fees are deducted. The activists announced on Wednesday that they had sued the Davidson County, which includes the city of Nashville.

The complainants asserted that the county is in violation of the constitutional rights by subjecting bail bonds to garnishments for fees and court costs. The lawsuit was filed after a dispute involving the Nashville Community Bail Fund, a nonprofit being harmed by the rule.

Business owners try to protect the cultural history of Nashville:

The cultural history of one of the most important parts of Nashville, called the Rock Block, faces an existential threat amid the city’s growth. Business owners of the area have taken it upon themselves to protect the history and buildings. Chris and Telisha Cobb, as well as other business owners in the Nashville’s Rock Block, are fighting to keep the historical places of the city intact.

While talking to the local Nashville News 2, Telisha said, “We are one of the last city blocks that is an organic ecosystem that hasn’t been built from the top down. It’s emerged very naturally, and so you start becoming concerned about threats of extinction when you start to see that ecosystem so heavily disturbed.”

The recent actions highlight the community’s growing concerns about the endangered historical places in the area. It recently defeated a rezoning exemption which aimed to replace a trio of century-old apartments with a 15-story hotel. There is also a petition called ‘Save the Rock Block, ’ which has garnered more than 7,000 signatures as of now.


A double strike by Leon Draisaitl helped Edmonton Oilers snap a two-game losing streak on Saturday night. They beat Nashville Predators 3-2, who registered their second loss in six games. Craig Smith and Nick Bonino scored one goal each for the losing team. Nashville Predators fought hard to even the score in the final minutes of the play, but the Oilers were able to hang on.


More flooding rains and storms are expected this week, sending a flood watch into effect. Additional flood watches are expected to be issued later this week as more rounds of heavy rains and storms head our way from Tuesday night to Wednesday night.


Traffic has always been an issue in Nashville. Drivers here spend 20 percent more than the national average commuting. Statistics show a 33 percent increase in fatal crashes in 2020 compared to last year. Five pedestrians have already been killed by now, compared to only 2 at this time in 2019. 
  • A total of 32 people died last year, making it the worst year on record. But things are getting even terrible.
  • Steve Glover, a member of the Nashville Metro Council, admits the traffic problem and believes that throwing more money is not the solution.

Mayor John Cooper equally feels the tension. His office has asked for the community’s input in a series of 11 public listening sessions, aimed to tackle the issue in different parts of the town. A new support group has also been launched to prevent pedestrian deaths. The “Families for Safe Streets” group aims to support Nashville’s crash victims and those who have lost their loved ones while walking or biking. The first meeting of the group will be held on Wednesday, 26 Feb, from 6-8 p.m. at the East Park Community Center on Woodland Street.

Nashville Events:

Every month, new and exciting events come to the Nashville area, much to the interest of music, theater, and sports lovers. Here are some of the big events and shows that are happening near you in the coming days.
  • East Nashville Night Market (Valentine's Day Special Event) at 400 Davidson St., Nashville.
  • Valentines with Patti LaBelle and the Nashville Symphony at Schermerhorn Symphony Centre - February 14
  • Tyler Childers at Ryman Auditorium - February 7, 15, & 16
  • NBC Broadcast Hockey Day in America at Bridgestone Arena - February 16
  • The Dirty Knobs at Brooklyn Bowl – Nashville – March 15
  • Premier Boxing Champions at Bridgestone Arena - February 15
These are the local news and latest updates as well as some top events for the coming days. Let’s know what we missed in the comment section, and have yourselves a rewarding week ahead.