Temporarily ignore taxis and get onto wheels if you are heading to Vietnam for a vacation. As two-wheelers are quite popular here, so a motorbike trip in Vietnam is the best way to venture out and explore a new land on your own on a budget.


There are 3 different climatic zones in Vietnam. Based on the time of the year and location, the weather can be different from season to season. What you need to do before each journey is to make a plan on places to go and things to do. For off-road riding, warm and dry months are almost ideal but the places are very crowded these days. Meanwhile, it’s untouristy and mysterious to take an off-road trip in winter although you will feel a bit cold while riding.

For the period from May to August, the temperature of North Vietnam rises and there often occurs rains. But it’s dry for the rest of the year, however, it gets colder and turns gray between December and March.

In Central Vietnam, the season of rain lasts from October to January. The temperature in the summer months can reach up to 30 Celsius degrees, which makes the time between February and May perfect for a motorbike trip in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Southern Vietnam is below 30 Celsius degrees for most of the year. The rainy season runs from May to November. Regularly, it rains heavily only in a couple of hours in the afternoon.


A two-wheel journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City can last for 2 weeks if you rush. Along the way, you can still visit many white sandy beaches, limestone mountains, and of course the immense rice fields - the symbol of northern Vietnam. And routes are the important factor that makes any road trips enjoyable and exciting.

Passing by some of the most scenic landscapes of the country through the whole journey is actually amazing. Bet that you have heard plenty of fabulous things about a trip throughout Vietnam, most from the capital of the nation – Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

However, the most authentic and stunning nature is not included along this route.  Highly recommends an International Drivers License Vietnam. To fully enjoy a real Vietnam, you have to go around the north. The region wins over tourists from all around the world for many reasons, namely the highland spectacle, mountains, valleys, canyons, forested limestone cliffs, challenging roads, zigzagging bends, and rice terraced fields. Nothing more to say, the beauty of northern nature is sure to blow your mind. More than magnificent sceneries to offer, you can experience a whole new enjoyable culture and history of hill tribes.


If you want to take a ride to explore Vietnam, jump on the back of some bikes such as Honda Winner, Suzuki Raider 150, or Honda Msx125. But for the purpose of off-roading, you should ride the warhorses with the 150cc+ engine. But the question here is: Where can you rent an off-road motorbike in Hanoi?

Just come to BM Travel Adventure, which specializes in providing motorbike rental service. Here you can find out various models such as Honda XR150, Honda CRF250, and Suzuki DRZ400. Whether you are in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, the company can bring the bike to your hand.


A backpack with a capacity of 60 to 75 liters is enough for going backpacking. Travel light is what you must always bear in your mind because it plays an essential role in supporting you to weave through rugged paths and get around the tribal villages. The number of days for your journey will decide the number of outfits that you should pack in.

The road trip is never clean, so you need to change your clothes frequently. Don't forget to take long rain pants, a high-quality jacket, and a poncho to keep yourself dry from heavy rains falling over the road now and then. And don’t leave your med-kit, a large spare gas bottle, and a water bottle home. If you are heading to a campsite, then a hammock, a tent, and mosquito net are indispensable. A blanket is quite optional because it’s based on the length of the route and seasons.

Legal papers

As mentioned above, motorbike riding in Vietnam is popular; therefore, driving licenses are required. That means you have to check whether your papers are accepted or not as there are quite a lot of changes in Vietnamese laws on this issue. In a nutshell, you need to know that only Vietnam driving licenses and International driving licenses are allowed.

How can you get an International driving license if you don’t have one? Please find a reliable travel agency. And BM Travel Adventure is a good suggestion. This company offers off-road Vietnam motorbike tours, 4x4 tours, and Vietnam dirt bike tours.

Whether you need a touring bike or an Enduro bike or even an unsurpassed dirt bikes, the company is totally able to meet your request with a range of models, including Honda CRF250L, XR150L, DRZ400, Triumph Tiger, BMW GS1200, Kawasaki KRL450R, and Yamaha WR450F. With many years of working in the field, BM Travel Adventure ensures to take you to every corner of Vietnam and give you unforgettable experiences.

You will get a chance to get closer to nature, immerse yourself in the stunning views of the nation’s uplands or enrich life-experience by going native. Try your hand at mingling with the tribal lifestyle and tasting highland delicacies and local specialties.

If you take a tour or rent a motorbike here, BM Travel Adventure will help you convert your driving license into the International one. As an experienced and prestigious travel agency, BM Travel makes sure that you will not face any legal troubles or issues when taking motorbike trips in Vietnam.