Do you know that a strong white set of teeth adds to your beauty and gives an attractive smile to you? In fact, bad dental hygiene can cause you not to say 'cheese' to the camera. Handling your dental health with contempt is hazardous to your general well being. Gum disease, horrible breath, and oral cancer could set in and cause you a lot. For some individuals, it is not about not taking care of the teeth but wrong caring which also has its consequences. Don't find yourself keeping your mouth tight in social gatherings. The Tulsa dentist has some tips for you to follow to maintain good health and strong white teeth.

Brush your mouth regularly

Brush your mouth regularly. The mouth consists of the gum, mouth roof, teeth, and tongue. All these need proper cleaning and maintenance. Accordung to Crossroads Dental Arts, careful cleaning of the mouth will help to get rid of bad breath and bacteria in the mouth. Also, develop the habit of washing your teeth twice daily, morning and evening.

When brushing the teeth, position the bristles of your brush at a 45-degree angle close to your gum line. This will make the teeth and gum easily get scrubbed. Then, brush up, down, front and back movement. Repeat the same process for the inner surface of the gum and teeth.

Floss always

Flossing had its special role in the cleaning of the teeth. It gets rid of food particles trapped between the teeth. Using a brush cannot remove these food particles. At this point, flossing is utilized to flush them off. Food residual and other harmful substances are cleared off from the mouth using floss. Floss at least once in a day probably in the evening when you are done with eating for the day.

Practice teeth-friendly diet

Most of us eat food because of their good taste. However, only a few of us mind if the food is friendly to our teeth. Foods like fruits, nuts, cheese, vegetables, and meat are teeth-friendly. Cheese especially boosts the production of saliva in the salivary gland to neutralize the acid.

Reduce sodas and alcohol intake

Aside from discussing teeth health, dentist Tulsa says that tobacco is dangerous to the heath. Stopping the intake can prevent you from periodontal issues like oral cancer. Besides, masking the smell of tobacco with sweets causes more damage to the teeth. Reduce the intake of soda and alcohol. They contain phosphorus which is good for your health. However, too much of this could turn out to be dangerous. It depletes the calcium level of the body. This, in turn, could lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. Make use of beverages that strengthen the enamel, also, drink enough water to hydrate the body. This is far better than sugary drinks.

Go to your dentist for regular checks

That you are properly taking care of your teeth does not mean you have to ignore seeing the dentist. You need the Tulsa dentist for regular check-ups. You need them to check the health status of your teeth and offer a solution if need be. Regular visits to the dentist can save you a lot of stress.

Allow a drop of fluoride in your mouth before sleeping

Fluoride assists to strengthen the surface of the teeth. This is best done at night when you are less busy. Allow the paste to sit on your teeth without rinsing after brushing. This will do a whole lot of good for your teeth. Make these tips a part of you and experience a  whole new change in your dental health.