If you have been charged with a crime, it is important that you talk to an attorney right away. If you are financially capable, you can hire a private defense lawyer, or else you will be provided with court-appointed counsel. You can also represent yourself, which is not considered a good option, especially if you don't have any knowledge and experience of the law and court.

It is important that you should hire a good defense lawyer from a reputable local criminal defense law firm. Hiring a reputable and experienced criminal defense lawyer can be invaluable to your case. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider getting an attorney rather than representing yourself.
1.  Determining an Adequate Sentencing Program
If you have found guilty, the criminal defense attorney might be able to work the sentence in a way that protects you from landing in the criminal justice system. For instance, if you have are order 12 months of jail time for the possession of drugs, your criminal defense lawyer may suggest that you go to prison for a particular time period in a drug treatment unit in order to get help with the drug problems.
2.  Negotiating the Plea Bargain
A plea bargain can help in reducing the potential sentence or charges filed against you. You need to have the right skills to negotiate the plea bargain and request the prosecutors to reduce the charges or sentences. However, when you leverage the expertise of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, your chances of getting a plea bargain becomes considerably high.

When it comes to getting successful plea bargains, the experienced trial lawyer comes into play. If your lawyer is experienced, he or she can use their networking skills and other connections to help convince the prosecutor to agree to a plea bargain. You should note that this is an incredibly difficult area of expertise and only the most successful criminal defence lawyers are able to successfully negotiate a plea bargain.
3.  Educate you About Legal Rules and Regulations
There are many rules and regulations that bind the course of a criminal case. And a majority of these laws are quite complex for a normal person to figure out. However, with an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side, you will stay well aware of the rules and regulations. Moreover, the lawyer will also tell you the implications that you will have to face if you have found guilty well in advance. So there will be complete awareness.
4.  Keep the Whole Process Practical
Experience criminal defense lawyers have already dealt with many criminal cases, so they are well aware of what is going on. So they will make sure there is a practical approach throughout the journey of the case. These attorneys have the benefits of staying objective and can provide you with valuable insights with regard to the trial process. Such practicality and insights prove to help when the defendant is deciding whether or not he or she should accept a plea bargain.

No matter how many books you read on criminal law cases, representing yourself in a criminal law case is never a good idea. These cases are quite complicated, and you need experienced criminal defense lawyers who are well-aware of the course of such cases. Their expertise will help you collect the right evidence to prove your case, and even if you plead guilty, they could help you with your plea bargain.

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer for your case is imperative, as the expertise of the attorney can make or break the case. Therefore, make sure you do thorough research, ask for referrals, consider their expertise and experience, and conducts an interview, before you make a final hiring decision.