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Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at a small business’s disposal. This digital marketing channel has a staggering return on investment and helps your business in so many ways other than just your bottom line (although, the financial return is obviously very beneficial to smaller companies). Whether you’ve carved out a corner of the market for yourself or you’re just starting out, investing in your email marketing is really going to give you a leg up. A few of the outstanding benefits include…

Establish value consumer-brand relationships
The simple act of communicating with your customer base is becoming more and more difficult. We’re always connected to some form of device, and the power of sending each and every member of your customer base a reminder of your brand and what you have to offer is one of the most significant benefits of email marketing. This open line of communication also means that those who are connected and engaged with your business will be the first to know about new launches, discounts, changes and expansions. Your consumers will be tuned in to your business and what you have to offer without you doing very much at all, handy!

Encourage brand recognition
Creating a name for yourself is a real struggle when you’re trying to grow your new company or small-scale business, and email can help to get your name out there. Cohesive, consistent branding is the key to constructing a strong and recognisable business. By establishing a clear message and identifiable aesthetic across your social media, website, physical stores (if you have any) and emails, you’ll be significantly boosting your brand recognition and subsequently your levels of customer affinity. Emails will continue the conversation between your customers and your brand far beyond a onetime purchase, making them incredibly valuable for the long term.

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Promote social media
Social media presence is a huge part of building a small business, and the connection that you gain from direct interactions with your audience is such a fantastic plus of being on the smaller side. Investing in email marketing is actually also an investment in your social media presence. Every single email that you send out can feature your social handles wherever you like. You can also send a series of social-focused emails to promote your platforms and encourage your customer base to share their experience of your brand with their networks. With around 70% of small businesses using social media to grow their company, there’s just no way you won’t benefit from the social push that email can provide.

Simple input with maximum output
A massive advantage of email marketing is that it requires significantly less time and money than alternate marketing channels. Once you have a well thought out design, strategy and automation going, your emails do an awful lot of the work for you! The significant ROI also means that your financial input is so worthwhile. These two aspects combined make email one of the most valuable and beneficial marketing strategies you could imagine investing in for your small business.

Content, content, content
No matter what industry you’re operating in, you are most likely putting a lot of time into creating content for your business. That content can stay put, or it can be extended and elevated through the use of email! Recycle, reuse and promote photos, styling shoots, social posts and videos to widen your content’s reach and use it to further your brand. You can also push your brand blog, specific product promotions and positive press coverage. No content needs to go to waste with email on your side!

These are just a few of the amazing enhancements that email marketing services can offer small businesses. Your investment, audience and content are going to go a seriously long way with the use of a few well-designed, concise emails, so what are you waiting for?