Communication is the key to any problem in the world. Seemingly enough, the communication that takes place in the office is more likely to be checked and kept a record of. Therefore, office persons indulge in various methods of communication. The most common among them is the fax machine.

CocoFax is an exorbitant and a competitive tool that can be sued from your pc to deal with all of your office documents in a jiffy. The software provides a free fax service Google so you are never left behind when it comes to your fax. This utility is free of cost for 30 days.

Affiliation With CocoFax:

GoogleFaxfree is an affiliated site of CocoFax. In order to avail of the brilliant and superlative online fax facilities, you need to use CocoFax. The characteristics that make it stand tall are as follows

CocoFaxis a unique internet fax service that has taken the world by storm. This aesthetic innovation brings the office fax right into your computer and helps you to check the fax very swiftly and easily. CocoFax is a matchless and a competent application tool that makes your problems easier when you want to fax from your pc electronically. This brilliant tool links your G-mail address with the address you just provided. Therefore, you can now easily send or receive a fax from G-mail. 

Apart from the first-rate services this software bestows upon its customers, here are the few things you need to know:

CocoFax is a reliable online fax service that has been featured in many big outlets, such as PC World, Tech Radar, Toms Guide, The Verge, and more. You can clearly guess that Google Fax is a renowned and reputed brand that is being used all around the world for its authenticity and service. You can use the mighty CocoFax to ease all of your fax problems in less than a minute.

Supreme Features of CocoFax:

CocoFax is highly renowned and complete software that can aid you to fax from your pc without any problem. While using the normal fax machine, a lot of issues are manifested which can severely affect your routine and there are several hindrances that may crumble your office needs.

To deal with such issues, you require a striking online fax service that can cope with all the problems that are faced during your office hours. CocoFax is renowned for satisfying its users with cool qualities that make it stand out from all the others in the competition. Once you use this maestro for your daily fax work, you will be invincible when it comes to superior fax services!

Why Is it Different?

Free Fax Numbers:

CocoFax is a renowned brand that is used and credited all over the world for its brilliance. This tool can be credited for bestowing us a free fax number that can be used to gain route to your G-mail ID. Once your fax number is allotted to your G-mail, you can use the fax anywhere.

Diversity In Services:

CocoFax is determined to fulfill the client’s needs in an easy and superlative manner. Therefore, CocoFax confirms that your devices can gain access to the software regardless of the operating system. CocoFax is easy to run on any operating system that is as follows: MAC, WINDOWS, IOS and, Android.

Completely Secure:

CocoFax is appreciated to be fully protected and defended against the heinous problems that normally prevail among the fax machine usage. This ultra fax facility observes a complete security protocol and guarantees that your data is safe and sound from any organization, person, or corporation.

Reliable Service:

CocoFax aims to a variety of problems that exist in any fax delivery or machine. Our tool is completely trustable and is regarded as the best by millions across the globe. Our reliable service is among the reasons for our high-end fame and first-class rating.

The Process Of Sending Fax:

Step 1:Register Details

CocoFax provides you with a 30 day trial for free. This service can be used for 30 days to ensure the services that we provide run parallel with your needs. Our service develops a sense of trust among the users. The free trial is provided to the G-mail address that is allowed to our service. Therefore, we maintain a strict security check on the addresses.

Step 2:Provide G-mail Access

CocoFax decodes and clarifies the G-mail address you provided and registers your account for free. Once your account has been registered, you can now easily use the superior offers endowed by CocoFax. Henceforth, you can always count on our exceptional offers.

Step 3:The Setup Process

In the ‘To’ field where you normally enter the email address of the person who receives fax, you will have to enter their fax number followed by ‘’. For example, if their fax number is ‘123456’, you will need to input:” [email protected]”.

Step 4:Finishing

Once you fill all of the required details, You become eligible to enjoy the superior facilities provided by this software and enjoy free electronic fax service.

Once you click on ‘Send’, CocoFax will receive your fax and will send it to the fax number of the recipient. The persons who are granted access to the account are eligible to obtain the fax machine protocol. The procedure takes less than a minute and is extremely diligent depending on your internet connection. 

When the fax has been transmitted successfully, you will get a notification in your Gmail inbox that the fax was delivered successfully. If for any reason your fax is unsuccessful, CocoFax will send you a notification about the same.

How to Receive Fax on Gmail

Receiving is comparatively easier and a very fast process as it does not consumes much of your time. In order to receive a fax on Gmail, CocoFax is already set for this to make your problems work out.

The most important thing when it comes to receiving fax is obtaining the fax number. You must permit only those persons who are necessary to be contacted and provide them with the fax number. CocoFax makes sure that all of the needs are met and you are given an astounding experience to become preoccupied with!


Use the best electronic fax service to feel the taste of tradition with technology. CocoFax allows you to Devour on our relentless and free trial to experience the best online fax services right from your PC!

Armed with a 30-day free trial, Nothing beats this free electronic fax service!