A hitchhiking trip can be a really amazing adventure but of course, you need to make sure that you are following all precautions to be safe.

The following article has been put together so that you can ensure your safety while still enjoying the freedom that hitchhiking brings. Learn how to be sure of your surroundings and also discover how to find the perfect hitchhiking buddy with reverse phone lookup.

1 - Try not to hitchhike alone

It is better to travel with a companion or in a small group when hitchhiking. This means that you have somebody else on hand to help you make good judgments while traveling with strangers.

If you don't have anybody in your life right now who is interested in hitchhiking, there are places that you can meet fellow hitchhikers online. The best place to do this is via Facebook groups, but obviously you do want to know a little more about who you are hitchhiking with.

By using Spokeo, you can discover more about any individuals you come into contact with. Spokeo is a site that allows you to use reverse number lookup so that you could discover more about a person. You could find out lots more information using Spokeo including criminal records, social network information.etc.

2 - Stay at the side of the road

This should be pretty obvious but some hitchhikers will actually stand in the middle of the road in order to try and hitch a ride. This is not advised, you should always stand at the side of the road, holding your arm out.

You don't want to block traffic or put yourself in any danger. You will still be seen at the side of the road and eventually, you should get picked up by a helpful driver.

3 - Chat with the driver first

When a driver pulls over, have some general chit-chat so you can get to know a little bit about them, where they are going and so on. The main purpose of this is so that you can get a vibe from the driver and always trust your gut instinct if something doesn't seem right.

Communication can even help you discover if a driver is a criminal, burglar or generally somebody whom you don't want to be getting in a vehicle with.

4 - Be friendly and don't argue with the driver

When you are in the car, it is really important that you are polite and friendly to the driver. Arguing for any reason is a big no-no, you don't really know who this person is so the last thing you want to do if anything that could annoy them.

5 - Ask to get out if uncomfortable

If you have any inclination that something is not right with the driver, ask him/her to pull over so that you can get out. This could involve them making inappropriate remarks, you getting the suspicion that they are under the influence of drugs/alcohol, or anything else that sends off alarm bells in your head.

6 - Don't hitchhike at night

Hitchhiking at night is quite dangerous, purely because there are not as many people around. Not only could you get into an accident when standing at the side of the road, but you could also get in the car with a whole number of unsavory characters. With all this in mind, you should keep your hitchhiking adventures in the daytime.

7 - Always carry your phone

When hitchhiking, you should always keep your phone with you and ensure it is fully charged. When you get in a person’s car, you can send a quick text to a trusted individual in your life, letting them know the license number.

You can also call for help if you need to do so. Having your phone with you also allows you to use Spokeo and especially the phone number search, as mentioned in a previous paragraph.


Hopefully, all the tips mentioned in this article have been beneficial to you as a hitchhiker. There are many people around the world who still hitchhike but you just need to ensure you are following certain methods for your own safety. This involves using Spokeo and the phone number lookup to help you find a suited travel companion.

Maguire Haigh is a marketing manager for Spokeo. He is interested in the latest technology trends, marketing strategies and business development. He also prefers traveling, exploring the world and meeting new people. Maguire has great experience in creating and editing articles on different topics.