Healthcare is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. The UAE has modern and highly developed healthcare system. Hospitals and clinics are modern and easily accessible to all citizens, expats, and tourists. Both public and private health facilities offer high-quality services. Setting up a healthcare business is easy because there are modern infrastructural facilities and specialized free-zones.

Why Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai

Healthcare business is only about providing treatment but also about providing wellness and advice. Healthcare will always be on demand; this means if you provide quality services, your business will not fail from lack of demand. People seek private consultations every time they have health issues.

Starting a healthcare business in Dubai is an excellent idea because there is a supportive business environment. Just like the government established free-zones for businesses to operate smoothly, they launched the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to attract more healthcare business investors.

One of the many reasons to start any business in the UAE is that you don’t have to pay taxes. When you set up your business, you’re free to enjoy your profits, but you have to adhere to the agreements of the parties involved.

Steps to Establishing a Healthcare Business in Dubai

Establishing a healthcare business in Dubai has numerous benefits, but you have to follow several steps to set your business.

Choose a Company Structure

A business can either be a Limited Liability Company, a sole establishment, or a Branch of a Foreign Company. In a Limited Liability Company (LLC), a local sponsor should own at least 51% of the shares while the rest belongs to you. For a branch company, the parent company owns all shares, while a foreign branch requires an Emirati National Service Agent.

Establish a Company Name

You need help from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to set a company name. Although a sole enterprise and a Limited Liability Company can have any name, a branch uses the same name as the parent company. While brainstorming names for your company, ensure that the name you pick is not already taken. You cannot use any name that is already picked by another business or corporation.

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Get an Office

Select a suitable location to establish your business. This is a significant factor in the success of your establishment. Location affects your business because patients seeking to find a doctor in Dubai won’t visit hospitals without clear locations or those located far away. Look for a location where people can easily see the office. It should also be easy to follow directions when visiting your establishment.

DED Approval

Before starting any business in Dubai, you have to get approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Once you come up with your company’s name, you ought to file an application with the Department of Economic Development to get initial approval for setting up a clinic. This process requires you to submit the application form, photocopy of your passport, and other necessary documents. You also need approval for the layout plan of your clinic from the Dubai Municipality.

Initial DHA Approval

Before establishing your healthcare business in Dubai, you need approval from the Department of Healthcare Authority. DHA is the main body that manages healthcare services in Dubai; this means that their approval is necessary. The initial approval takes at least 10 days. Various documents are required for the initial approval of new facilities, these are;
  • Visa and passport copies of the owner and partners.
  • Emirates ID of both the owner and partners.
  • An approved layout plan by the municipality.
  • Proposal letter from owner/partners/whoever has power of attorney.
  • Affection plan from Dubai Municipality or Ejari.
  • A copy of your company’s name and a reservation letter from the free-zone or DED.

DHA undertaking letter, signed by both the owner and partners.
Submitting Your Documents

This step requires you to submit all the necessary documents like lease agreement, the Memorandum of Association, etc. All these are required for the registration of your facility.
Final Approval from the DED

You ought to submit all signed documents, a photocopy of the initial DED approval, and registration fees. You also require the following documents for the final approval;
  • No objection Certificate (NOC) from the owner to assign Medical Director (MD).
  • Valid building contract.
  • Final trading license from the free-zone authority or the DED.
  • List of healthcare professionals and the Medical Director.

Getting Your License

The final step is quite simple; you need to create an account in the DHA portal to get a DHA license. You need to provide information about all the medical professionals who will work in the facility. Alter verification; you will get your license to start your health facility.

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Dubai is one of the most conducive cities to start a healthcare business. There are many suitable factors, like government support and free-zones, where you don’t have to pay taxes and getting approval from the DHA in 10 only.