In 2024, the businesses with the highest returns on investment are those in the service industry. You can start one with very little upfront investment. There are rewards to reap beyond your wildest dreams. Businesses such as virtual assistance, real estate brokerage, tutoring, and event management are all very lucrative. Here is our list of startups with the highest returns. 

Freelance Writing

With the race for the highest-quality content more cutthroat than ever, now is the time to start a writing business. Of all online companies, this type requires the most minor startup capital, often none at all. You only need a computer, a reliable internet connection, and good writing skills to get started. 

Whatever business you choose, you need to be aware of and manage the returns on your investment. Freelance writing is one of the few areas where practically no upfront investment is required. Still, for other businesses, an ROI calculator can provide much-needed assistance and clarity regarding returns. 

Tax Consulting

Businesses of all sizes find it safe and convenient to contract tax consultants with their tax issues. A tax consulting business is a good option if you are looking to start a business-to-business service-related organization. This is a professional business that requires experience and certifications.

Hauling Services

Hauling services are good if you want high returns on a B2B-related service. It involves moving goods from one location to another. Manufacturers find it economically viable to contract the transportation of finished goods and raw materials to haulage companies. After the service is contracted, the hauler must transport raw materials to the factory. Then, the finished goods are transported to distributors or warehouses. 

Online Marketing

If you have good marketing skills, you can work for companies that need someone to help them market their products and services. To get started with this commission-based business, you only need a good laptop and reliable internet access.

Computer Servicing

Seeing a corporate organization without computers is a rare thing. Businesses enjoy improved leverage with the advent of the internet and computers. Servicing and networking are other B2B services that an astute individual who wants to start a business should think about providing.

Small and medium-sized enterprises tend to outsource their computer servicing and networking to third parties. Hardware engineers with the necessary skills and experience will find a computer servicing business very lucrative. 

Consulting Business

If you have solid qualifications and experience, you should start a consulting business. While the consulting industry is huge, profit can be made from offering these services to help startups grow. If you can deliver results, many entrepreneurs will be willing to hire you. 

Office Equipment Sale or Servicing

Selling and servicing office machines and equipment is a lucrative and thriving business. Every office has a printer, a fax machine, a photocopy machine, a router, or a scanner, all of which will need purchasing and servicing.