Debt Collection
Often, we lend money to our loved ones and business partners out of good faith or promise to make returns after some time. Usually, most of these agreements end up backfiring, and debtors fail or refuse to pay back the money. 

This happens all the time to individuals and businesses, especially credit companies. Inkassolution is a Swiss collection agency dealing with debt recovery to save individuals and companies from losing money and experiencing loss. We collect debts past due dates by acting as a middleman between the creditor and debtor. In other words, we collect debts extending past due amounts from the debtor and pass the amount to the creditor. 

Our Collection Agency Offers Three Types Of Products, Namely:

Collection Letters

Our collection agency sends letters to debtors, to inform them that they need to pay up. At this stage, the debtor will have to report and make payment within ten days from the reception date of the letter. A debtor pays this amount directly, and we do not charge anything extra. We recommend this service for debt beyond five days past the payment due date. 

Collection Calls

Our debt collector will pick up the phone and call the debtor directly to explain the consequences of further delay of payments. A collector will make several calls over the stand of weeks or months until the debt is paid off. The debtor will have five days to report before the enforcement take effect. Keep in mind that we do not make any money if the debt is not recovered. This service is recommended after at least 60 0r 90 days past the payment due date. 

Attorney Collections

We offer this service mostly when the outstanding amount is high, and other collection efforts have failed. The attorney may try to collect the debt through the debtor assets, including the bank accounts, book ledger account, wages and even some of the real estate that the debtor may own. At this stage, the debtor will have to face several legal consequences as practical legal actions against him/her will start to take place. If the collection process does not end up being successful, the collection agency usually reports it to the credit bureau. We also send short messages and emails to debtors and explain to them the legal consequences they’ll face if debts remain unpaid.

Payment Methods

The Swiss debt collection agency offers services via annual memberships instead of taking commissions per debt collection. We’ve chosen to use this payment method for our clients, whether it's a company or an individual. Once they acquire annual membership, they can work with our collection agency to solve several cases with no additional costs.

Why Should You Work With Us?

Debt collection is a sensitive issue that requires wisdom, professionalism and experience to prevent future conflicts. Our Swiss collection company offers that and more. learn more about Swiss debt collection here.


Our company is blessed to have 29 qualified debt collection experts to deal with debt recovery and unpaid bills for businesses and individuals. Working with us is easy due to the application of simple debt collection methods for fast retrieval of debts past payment due date. We also work with foreign debt collectors to extend our services worldwide. 

Guaranteed Success

With a high commitment to our work, we make sure to carry out successful tasks only. The best part of it all is that we don't need to apply complicated collection techniques to do that. Our collection services are always reliable, quick, simple and successful. So far we’ve no bad track record! To learn more about Swiss debt collection here you can click.

Retaining Customers

Our goal is to recover unpaid debts so that your business doesn’t suffer loss. To make that happen, we persuade debtors to pay instead of coercing them to do so. By doing that, customers can still do business with you after the Inca solution. It is vital to maintain a working relationship with customers because there is no business without them. So you can trust us to make sure that balance remains unharmed always.
  • The Advantages Of Working With Collection Services For Debt Collection
  • They help to keep businesses afloat by preventing loss due to unpaid debts past payment due date
  • Less trouble for self-employed people
  • Guaranteed successful debt recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Legal protection for creditors to get their money back
  • Saves the relationship you have with customers and your loved ones

Talk to us

Reach out to us for any queries regarding our work or services. Our customer service answers 85% of calls within 24 hours, offers free advice on debt collection and how you can quickly recover your money. Please email us at [email protected] Or dial: 0800 43 44 44