If you make any purchases online using your credit card but also worry a lot about your identity if it is available to too many online shops and sellers, you may think a million times that using a PayPal account instead may help you avoid thieves online. PayPal is now the most used money service available right now online. With over 200 million users, it is dominating the financial service market.

This whooping number of users talks for PayPal, for sure. However, is the number of customers enough for PayPal to be the safest and best financial transaction maker? In this article, we will find out if PayPal is better and safer in the online payment system or if using a credit card is still good enough!

Credit card Vs. PayPal

PayPal is a new thing compared to Credit Cards, and plenty of people are still debating whether they should choose PayPal over their Credit Cards for online transactions.

Using a Credit card

Credit cards are Chip-based cards often hacked by cyber thieves and hackers. You are at a potential risk when you put in your credit card information online, and you need to be more secure once you've entered your credit card number in an online shop to buy something. If the merchant you've hacked, you are doomed; the hackers can easily use your credit card number for their own interest without letting you know.

It may sound terrifying, but you are still protected by Federal Law. You will be liable only for $50 of the charges, and you are also getting protection services and protocols from the credit card issuer bank. Yet with the same security features, PayPal is also moving at the same pace, bringing you a safe and extra-secure money service. 

Benefits of using PayPal

When Credit cards are a great threat to your wallet and security, PayPal has proven itself to be the most secure online payment system available right now. Many cybersecurity specialists also support that claim. 

PayPal has been paying hackers to find vulnerabilities in its system, and it has made sure your data is completely safe with the highest possible encryption. All the data PayPal has on you is stored in a secure location where there is no access to the Internet. So you don’t really have to think about the PayPal problem solution anymore when talking about don't. 

How to stay safe

Although PayPal is the most secure online payment system, that doesn't mean you cannot become a victim of fraud or cybercriminals. Here are some doesn'ttips you may want to have a look at if you are trying to make your activities online safer:
Treat your PayPal account the way you treat your bank account

Being a financial service provider, PayPal is just like any banking service you have in your life, and when it comes to security, you must treat your PayPal account the way you treat it. You must review your transaction and other account activities at least once a month to ensure there is no third person doing any transactions and that you are all safe and secure. When your monthly statements are ready, with the statement in your hand, PayPal will notify you to make sure you cross-match all the transactions and that nothing happens behind your back.

Pay attention to a mismatched penny.

While reviewing your PayPal account Transactions, make sure the statements and the actual transactions you made last month are all legitimate. Don't ignore a mismatch of a single dime, because the hackers and the frauds will not attDon'tn your account in a massive amount in the first moves. They will drain the account with pennies and keep increasing the number of illegal transactions daily, assuming you won't notice the little transactions. If you step into a tinfoil trap, you will definitely find a disaster at the end. 

Don't link your Bank account to your PayPal account.

It's easy to link your Bank Account debit card to your PayPal account and use it while paying for something online. However, you shouldn't link your bank account or debit card to your PayPal account because of much fraud. If your PayPal account gets compromised somehow, the thieves can access your bank account directly and drain your money. Although you can refute the charges, you must catch them quickly, which is uncommon in some cases. 

Bottom line

Although linking your bank account to your PayPal account is a significant security risk, you can link your credit card to your PayPal account. You will have better financial protection from the Credit Card issuer and the Federal Law. Don’t forget to use a strong password for your PayPal account, and make sure you log in to do to your PayPal account from a secure internet connection.