A car accident is a frightening experience. Arguably worse still is the experience afterwards. If you need to go to court, pay for, or claim damages for a road traffic accident – things can get really complicated, really quickly. Can you manage a car accident without a lawyer or is representing yourself a step too far? 

We took a closer look to try and find out!

What Happens After a Car Accident?

If you have a car accident lawyer, after the accident you will need to focus on recovery. A car crash is a traumatic experience and it is highly likely you will suffer some degree of mental distress. This particular type of accident can leave you with both mental and physical injuries. The first thing you should do is get yourself back to full health.

Once you are safe and as well as possible, it is time to take action… That is, if you have a lawyer. If you live in Chicago and don’t have a lawyer, you will not be allowed this grace period to recover. 
What do you need to do if you don’t have a lawyer?

You see, Chicago car accident lawyer deals with a lot of legal jargon on your behalf. All of it needs to be done as soon as possible after your accident. If your accident caused more than $1,500 of damages to property, caused physical injuries, or resulted in someone’s death, then it must be reported to the 

Chicago Police Department.

If you do not meet this requirement within ten days of your accident you will incur a fine. This can be up to $2,500 USD – but worse, you may end up doing time in jail. This law prevents people from fleeing the scene of an accident. However, if you intend to represent yourself you need to be in good enough health to visit the Police station to collect the forms. You then need to have these filled in and returned within the twelve-day limit.

As you can imagine; in an accident serious enough you may not be in the position to do so. 
Are You Being Sued for Negligence after a Car Accident?

This is the most common thing to happen after a car accident, especially if you were the one that caused it. The State of Illinois decides who is at fault by analysing the information they have. The more information you have from the scene of the accident, the better they can figure that out. 

If you are being sued for negligence after a car accident this means that someone has gathered evidence that you were at fault. If you do not wish to end up with a hefty fine and possible jail time – you need a car accident lawyer. If you intend to represent yourself your chances of getting a good deal are slim-to-none.

The Benefits of hiring a Lawyer

Whether or not you agree with them; a lawyer’s whole business is studying the law. They will know how and when to make moves, as well as which moves to make, throughout the course of your case. If you were at fault in your car accident, they will negotiate the best deal for you. If you were not at fault, a car accident lawyer specialises in getting the recompense you deserve.

So you see: no matter what side of the fence you land on, you really ought to lawyer-up.