Think of a piece of clothing you can turn to the most to tackle an outfit conundrum. Well, it’s a jacket! Perhaps, if you have the right collection of jackets in your wardrobe, they can transform even a simple outfit to ‘whoa’ style! Wear them casually or on occasion; they’ll enhance your look. Besides, they are your best companion when chilly winters kick in!

But, it doesn’t mean that you need to fill your closet with every other jacket you see on the market. It needs to be versatile, iconic, and chic. So, here are the seven styles of jackets that deserve space in your closet-

Denim Jacket

A Denim jacket has been around for a long, and no one can expect it to go anywhere fast! It’s so versatile that you can wear it just all year round. Light enough for the spring wear, while cozy enough to wear in the winters! It goes well with jeans, gowns, shirts, or dresses. You can choose amongst sleeveless, light-washed, or crop-styled and pair it with your trousers for a stylish appearance. 

Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is such an incredible piece of clothing that adds the right amount of edge to any look! When you keep your appearance effortlessly stylish, go for a leather jacket. Or, when you want to wear something incredibly edgy while keeping it casual, a leather jacket is the answer! Leather jackets can make any outfit and is definitely worth the investment.

Be it zipped, open, belted, or buttoned, all look extremely cool! Throw together a stunning look by picking any these trendy variations of leather jackets:

  • Cropped biker jacket
  • Sleeveless leather jacket
  • Racer jacket
  • Shearling leather jacket
  • Fringed jacket, etc.
When it comes to color, black is almost synonymous with any style of a leather jacket. However, brown, camel, red, gray, crimson, etc. are equally to flaunt your own style.

Puffy Jacket

Puffy jackets have come a long way from just being essential winter clothing. From off-shoulders to oversized ones, they can take your look to a whole new level. A shiny, full sleeve jacket in silver or black, cuffed at the hands, and a sleeveless wine-colored one is something every woman must have in her wardrobe. 

Quilted Jacket

Fall and spring are all about being fashionable! So, turn the heads around while keeping yourself warm and stylish at the same time with a quilted jacket. During the fall and a few weeks of the winter, when puffy jackets are too heavy, a quilted jacket is the way to go. Get the one and keep it handy!


You must own one! From casual to formal wear, a blazer is perfect for any occasion. Though they look formal, you can pair them with your jeans and a tee as well! As they aren’t as thick as other jackets, you can wear them during most weather conditions. Or, you can add an extra layer under a warmer jacket.

Woolen Jacket

Though you can’t do much about long winter months, you can beat it with a cozy, fashionable, and stylish piece of clothing. And, there isn't any better way to do that than with a shrug or a woolen jacket. It keeps you warm while making you look elegant.


An overcoat is one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing you can own. Wear anything inside, and pair it with a woolen scarf, ankle-length boots, and you are all set! From a dining place to a Christmas party, you can wear them on every occasion. So, grab the one, and make a fashion statement without saying anything!

So, which ones of these jackets are you going to own? If you find a jacket in this list that you can’t do without, it’s time to buy the one. After all, it would come in to save your day when you are struggling to find a good outfit.