Being fashionable does not necessarily imply that you have to wear the trendiest and most expensive clothes that are available in the market. Ralph Lauren very aptly quoted, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” Your personal style and aesthetic depends upon your understanding of clothes and how to piece them together to create an outfit.

The only thing anyone wants to do during winters is to stay snuggled up in bed under layers and layers of warmth. While the winter time is always fun but when it comes to styling, it is not very practical to wear whatever you feel like. For the chilly winters, it is imperative that you stay warm as opposed to looking chic.
fashion tips for women
fashion tips for women

Contrary to popular belief, you can look incredibly sophisticated and comfortable in the winter, if not more. The trick is to use specific tips and trick to your advantage to transform your look completely.

Following are our top 10 tips to help you uplift your fashion game this season.

Throw on a Leather Jacket

There is no outfit in the world that a good leather jacket cannot fix. Leather jackets are timelessly chic, incredibly sophisticated and strikingly sultry. They have the ability to take any look from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. Be it a casual tee or a pair of worn out jeans, a sweater, and chinos, or perhaps even a basic dress; throw a leather jacket on top, and you have an entirely new look.

Leather jackets are a must have for every girl. Apart from being mod and super chic, there is a certain effortlessness to them that you do not get with anything else. Leather jackets are the ultimate accessory. The best part is that there is always so much variety to choose from. From a sleek and chic leather bomber jacket to an edgy motorcycle jacket or something more traditional like a shearling jacket; its style is eternal. Opt for a classic black or brown or play with a little color and take your look from basic to banger in seconds.
Leather Jacket


If you are looking to really spoil yourself, get yourself beautiful custom leather jackets. Curate your own unique jacket for the ultimate personalized fashion statement.

Learn to Layer

Learning the art of layering is the ultimate gateway to nail the art of fashion. During the winter time, everyone’s priority lies in being warm above everything else. Layering helps you stay warm while looking stylish; it is a win-win situation.

Layering is all about bringing individual pieces from your wardrobe and putting them together to create a unique and cohesive outfit. For starters, try wearing a turtleneck under a sleeveless dress paired with jeans or tights and ankle boots. To finish the look, throw on a cardigan or a jacket on top. It might sound excessive but rest assured, layering is the key to look like a model who just walked off the runway. Similarly, wear a long-sleeved tee under a button down dress shirt and tailored khakis. Drape a chic overcoat on top and wrap your favorite scarf around your neck and you are ready to head out. To learn to layer is to learn the tricks of the fashion trade.

Throw a Hat on top

Looking chic is all about making a statement, and there is no style statement quite like a hat. A good hat exudes an effortlessly chic aura that is clean, polished and striking. They add an element of unbothered edginess to your ensemble that is always a head turner in every crowd.

For the winter time, the most practical and cozy option is a beanie. Beanies are casual, plush and comfortable; perfect for protection against the harsh chilly winds. However, if you are looking to set another type of aesthetic altogether, there is nothing quite like a fedora.

Fedora hats get a bad rep for no reason because, in reality, they have a certain edginess and sophistication that is hard to ignore. Wear your fedora over a casual pair of jeans and a leather jacket or over something more polished like a blazer and tailored pants. Regardless of the outfit, fedoras just give your look the wow element that we all crave.

Flaunt your bags

Every woman needs a bag. How else is someone going to carry all their essentials in one place? Bags are practical, handy, and a chic style statement. Every girl has a favorite bag design. While some love a classic hobo or tote bag, others appreciate a chic satchel or baguette bag. Messenger bags are perfect for those who want something with more capacity but is sleek and compact at the same time. It is ideal for students and working women. There is an endless array of bag styles to choose from.


To look like a real fashion diva, you can style your bag in different ways too. Wear your cross body bag in front and flaunt it like nobody's business. Put a chic scarf around the handle of your classic tote bag to pair with your outfit. Not only will this give your bag an entirely new look but it will also double as an accessory in your outfit. If you have got it, flaunt it.

Shoe it right

Your shoes are an integral part of your look. They complete your ensemble and possess the ability to make or break your entire look. If you are looking to amp up your fashion game, it is important to wear the right shoes. Good shoes take you to good places so make sure to put on good shoes.

We all have favourites. Be it a strappy heel, a classic sandal, a knee-high mod boot or the practical ankle boot; they all have their own unique persona and aura. To up your fashion game this winter, go big or go home. Knee high boots look exceptionally good as do ankle boots; perfectly warm and super chic. Combat boots are chunky and unapologetically bold; perfect for a casual outfit. For work and formal settings, pumps are your safest bet.


Fashion is personal. Your style is a reflection of your personality and your perceptions. Does being fashionable mean you have to emulate your outfits like those from the runways? Absolutely not. How you choose to strut your stuff is what makes you unique and stand out in the crowd; that is what fashion is all about. Use these tips to instantly give your basic outfits a much-needed oomph this winter season and turn heads wherever you go.

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