If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. You rest there, sleep there, and watch TV there. For many of us, this is the room where we feel most comfortable.
It’s also the room that sees the most disorganization. 

Because it’s a personal space that visitors rarely see, it’s common to be okay with a messy bedroom. From unmade beds to laundry on the floor, the bedroom is often full of chaos.

But when you take the time to organize your bedroom, you’ll notice that something happens, almost like magic:

Your days become more productive.

Waking up in a tidy, organized bedroom allows you to jump out of bed knowing where everything is. No longer do you have to waste time searching for your hairdryer or that missing shoe. Instead, you can simply hop up and start your day!

Ready to bring in 2020 with an organized bedroom to increase your productivity? 

Follow these five tips to get started

1. Start in Sections

As with any major overhaul or change, it’s tempting to want to tackle the whole job at once. But, that approach will only leave you overwhelmed.

Instead, start with small, achievable steps.

First, take everything off your floor (including under the bed) and place it on your mattress. Get rid of the things you don’t use and sort the rest into piles based on where they belong.

Don’t worry about returning everything to its rightful home just yet. You’ve got a ways to go before you get to that step!

Next, clean off the visible surfaces. Clear your shelves, the top of your nightstand, and other furnishings. Again, throw away anything you don’t need. The goal is to get rid of all unnecessary clutter.

Save your trinkets for your bookcase or a wall shelf. If you need more than one shelf for your bric-a-brac, you might have too much.

2. Declutter Your Drawers Before You Clean Up

Just as you sorted through the items on your floor, do the same thing with your drawers.

Your dresser, nightstand, and other drawers are probably hiding some big piles of clutter. It’s easy to stash junk away and then forget about it.

Dump your drawers onto your floor, then separate everything into piles on your bed. As you go, decide what needs to be tossed and what should stick around.

Before you return anything to its freshly-organized home, incorporate some storage solutions into your room.

For example:

As with any task, the right tools make cleaning a lot easier. So, do yourself a favor and pick up some space-saving solutions.

3. Use Your Empty Space for Storage

With a clean floor and drawers, you may have some extra space that wasn’t there before. Now you can focus on where to put the stuff you don’t use every day.

The space under your bed is perfect for excess storage, as long as it’s all in containers. 

Extra comforters, luggage, and seasonal clothing can go in plastic totes or vacuum-sealed bags if your bed is tall enough. It’s easy to find plastic totes on wheels that are wide but short enough to fit under there.

Dual-purpose furniture can give you even more room. For example, beds with drawers underneath are helpful, especially in a small apartment. They give you room for things that don’t need to be displayed, like books and tissue boxes.

4. Take Care of the Dirty Jobs

Your system for dealing with trash and dirty clothes is important. If you don’t figure out what to do with them, they’ll end up scattered around your bedroom.

So, you’ll need a laundry basket and a trash bin.

You don’t want a garbage bin that’s too large or too small. A small one will overflow easily, and keeping a large trash barrel in your room can get kind of gross.

There are the typical trash cans for those who want the basics, or high-tech bins for gadget-lovers. If you prefer to match your barrel to your room’s decor, you can find trendy wastebaskets in a variety of styles.

The same rules apply to your hamper. It should be big enough for a week’s worth of clothes, but no larger. Otherwise, you’ll have an excuse to let laundry pile up!

If space is a concern, there are collapsible hampers that fold up between uses. Or, if you care more about style than size, pick up a decorative basket.

Ultimately, the important thing is to have a plan for your dirty jobs, no matter what your trash can and hamper look like.

5. Decorate Strategically

A lot of people make the mistake of decorating their bedroom without a plan. Something catches their eye in a store and they grab it, even if it doesn’t match their decor. Or, they receive a gift and think the bedroom is the place to display it.

In theory, these are perfectly acceptable practices. But when it comes to getting and staying organized, they are dangerous.

Decor should look nice but also serve a purpose. A tasteful picture here and a trinket there is fine, but it’s better to have decorations that double as organizers.

Decorative frames or shelves are great for hanging jewelry or hats. Stylish baskets are the perfect blanket holders. 

With a bit of creativity and imagination, you can decorate your bedroom for functionality and flair at the same time!


To kick your productivity up this year, start by organizing your bedroom. After getting your room in order, you’ll be able to wake up in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Once you see how good it feels to have a neat and tidy bedroom, you’ll want to organize the rest of your life. Just remember, one section at a time!

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