Every website owner dreams of getting the best backlinks as they are priceless. When you have some reputed websites linking to your site, its reputation starts to grow automatically. We all prefer brands that are famous and not in the phase of gathering customers and building a clientele. Same is the case when it comes to acquiring quality backlinks. Getting backlinks for your site is not an easy job. Good backlinks give a reflection that the website is acceptable. This is important considering the number of scam websites operating these days. People do have concerns about whether a particular site is trustworthy or not before they procure anything. Having reputed backlinks fulfils this requirement. 

Just like backlinks from a reputed website can help your brand grow online, if substandard websites are pointing back at you, it can prove to be a big damage. Hence, do not be hasty when you are considering sites for backlinks. Make sure that the websites you are connecting to have a reputation and that people have good opinions about them.

These are some steps that work well for getting good backlinks

- Submit Guests Posts on other websites

It is much easier to gain exposure to products when more people can view what you are offering. Guest posts catch instant attention if they comprise of quality material. However, you can expect excellent results if you have connections with a reputed influencer. Influencers are professional writers who submit blog posts on several third-party websites. As they are experienced and have a reputation, people firmly believe what the writer. In other words, if a professional influencer works on your content, it would be promoted on some of the most popular platforms. This obviously means getting backlinks from well-established domains. More info: https://sites.google.com/view/white-label-seo-company-review/guest-post-service-reviews

- An eye on the competitors is integral

Generating online sales or improving the volumes is about surviving competition and being ahead of competitors. The top links that can be seen on Google search pages are ahead of all their competitors. However, this is not something that happens instantly. By checking on your competitors, you can see how they execute their business procedures and campaigns.
  1. One way to check on your competitors is by subscribing to their newsletters. Reputed brands publish all their ventures, marketing strategies and other concrete information in their newsletters. When you subscribe to these newsletters, you would be getting updated information about the marketing strategy of your competitors.
  2. Subscribe to their social media accounts so that you know when new content is being uploaded. For instance, if you have liked the Facebook page of one of your competitors, you will receive a notification whenever a new post is added. Consider that an original image has been added to highlight an upcoming cost reduction offer; if you have liked the brand page, you would know about it.
  3. Add a Google alert to inform you whenever the content is revised. Viewing the content of the competitors helps you construct your own content strategy. You can see the information published on the website and social media accounts to examine the areas that have not been explored. This is a smart way to gain an edge. 

Keep a watch on the backlinks of competitors.

If you own a car and want to keep it in good shape, various maintenance tasks would have to be performed. For example, the engine oil has to be changed after a particular mileage. To get to SEO ranks, you should check every aspect that is helping them improve. One of them is the backlinks they have.

Understanding the backlinking strategy of critical competitors is essential. If they have a quality backlink you are missing, you need to acquire it. If your competitors are submitting guest posts on a popular website and you are not, you would also initiate post submissions on that website. Getting more traffic and organic searches depends on what your competitors are doing and how you are better than them.

Improve the internal link structure of your website

Does your website have quality internal links? If the answer to this question is no, you are missing out on a core factor that can help you improve your online ranks. To start with, you need to understand why internal links are relevant. Internal links improve the navigation system of your website. This just means that if a visitor finds a connection in ten minutes, he would be able to locate it in less than a minute.
  • An improved navigation system of a website helps a lot in acquiring reputed backlinks. This is because it enhances the level of user experience. With proper internal links, visitors could shift from one page to the other in less time. If you view the analytics of certain websites, they have a lot of people visiting the landing page, but very few of them proceed to the other pages. This is because they find it hard to navigate.
  • If a website does not have proper internal links, users have to search for things, and this can cause a loss of interest. For instance, consider that someone ends up on your homepage and is interested in viewing your product line for the new season. If you do not have a proper internal link to the product line page, the visitor must scroll multiple links to get his desired information. This would naturally result in time waste and cause serious frustration as well.
  • A good navigation system can do wonders for you. It can seriously increase the rate of regular traffic. The traffic rate obviously does not mean bounce rate. It refers to people who would visit your website with the intention to buy things. The critical perspective is that people do not want to spend extended time frames on searching things. They want sites that have less loading time and provide the required information without extensive searching. For websites to excel today and be ahead of their competitors, providing a top-notch user experience is absolutely essential. If a user feels that your site is hard to use and there are navigation issues with it, he would be convinced about exiting it.

Accessing press release websites

The domain of press release websites has not been explored on a significant scale by website owners. Press releases can help a site in getting extensive exposure. Understanding how these websites work can actually help you in grabbing the entire idea. Press release websites are connected to various other smaller websites and news domains as well. In this way, if your link and content are picked for one of these popular websites, you can get back linked to some of the biggest online existences.

Writing testimonials on reputed websites

A lot of people have the opinion that customer testimonials on websites are not legitimate, but this is not a fact. It depends on the reliability of a site. Reputed brands have testimonials by actual customers, and this can also be used as an option to construct backlinks.

When you write a testimonial, you can share your experiences and provide a link to your own website as well. This does work because a lot of people read testimonials mainly when they are about to buy something. For example, if you are buying a TV set by a particular brand, you would want to go through the experiences of people. Going through testimonials is obviously an easy and effective way to accomplish this task.


Why do some websites produce the most beautiful interface but fail to get ranked on the first page? There can be several reasons behind this, but all of them link to the criteria that search engines have. Websites that have quality backlinks get ranked highly. According to Google policies, sites that have backlinks from reputed domains are entirely dependable.

Having backlinks takes the reliability of a website to an entirely different level. People trust such sites as they are connected to highly reputed domains. For instance, consider that you have a backlink from a reputed domain that has a constant high traffic count. People visiting your website would not have any doubt in their minds regarding its reliability. This clearly shows that having high standard backlinks can change the game for you.

Having backlinks is not like filling a bag with stones. In other words, these links should not be acquired with a random approach. Just like a reputed website can help you in climbing ranks, a substandard website can prove to be harmful to you. A key tip is to check the reputation of the site you are linking with. Make sure that the backlink has a positive impact on your website and not a negative one. The backline has to be related. If you are running a software company, the backlinks should be attained from the same industry. Having a backlink from a suiting brand would obviously not help the online growth of a software company.