The digital cameras available in the market are basically divided into two categories. One is a standard digital camera and the other is a digital SLR. With these standard cameras, it is possible to take all the pictures taken with no skill at all. Skilled photographers, however, will love the DSLR, as there is a chance to showcase their skills.

Cameras from all the world's best brands are now available and some popular brands are Canon, Nike, Sony, Olympus, Kodak, and Samsung. The Canon has two point-and-shoot cameras. One is the Power Shot series and the other is the Ixias series. Sony's point-and-shoot camera is a cyber-shot series. These camera brands are popular worldwide. Sony has used these cameras with lenses made by world-renowned lens maker Carl Joyce.

Let's know what kind of camera you need:

1. Megapixel: Nowadays we hear a lot about 'megapixel'. Any digital image is created with numerous small coloured quadrupole-shaped partitions. These are called pixels. You can see these quadrilaterals if you want to enlarge any digital image near your hand. This is 5 megapixels with 5 million pixels.1 million pixels is 5 megapixels. But how many megapixel cameras do you take? It will depend on whether you print the picture, or watch it on the big screen and send it to others in the email. The 3-megapixel camera image is enough for collecting photos on email, blogs, websites and CDs / DVDs.

2. Picture quality: As the image sensor is larger on the DSLR camera, the pixel size is also larger and the camera can be used at ISO faster. As a result, the shutter speeds up faster and the amount of grain is reduced. So digital cameras can take good quality pictures in daylight, DSLR can take pictures in all conditions because of its manual control.

3. Price: As the cameras of the smartphone are getting better day by day, the price of DSLR has dropped drastically. In the Asian subcontinent, especially dslr price in bd, the price of DSLR is almost as same as a smartphone or maybe less than a smartphone. Now, one can get a Digital SLR for only 20K bdt or $250.

4. Adaptation-oriented: The ability to change the lens of a DSLR camera opens the door to photographers' endless possibilities. Many high power lenses such as wide-angle or super long focal length lenses can be fitted with DSLR cameras. Also, accessories can be used in DSLR cameras. It is important to note that the lens varies in quality. The quality of the lens has a huge impact on the image quality. Hey, there is no chance of changing the lens of ordinary digital cameras.

5. Speed: DSLR camera speeds are relatively high in terms of start-up, focusing and shutter lag. But standard digital camera sometimes it is called point and shoot camera works slowly comparing to DSLR.

6. Optical Viewfinder: DSLR cameras can capture standard images due to reflex mirrors. And digital cameras only have LCD so the picture quality is rough.

7. Greater ISO Range: Although the ISO range varies depending on the quality of the camera, DSLR cameras generally provide a wider range of ISOs, allowing them to be easily photographed in different environments and lights.

8. Manual control: DSLR cameras offer full manual control. Although it has an auto mode a good photographer always sets the modes according to his/her choice. Standard cameras are mainly for auto mode because it is designed for novice users and for fun especially. 

People nowadays love to explore the world and by having a camera, they are able to capture the moments they like. As mobile cameras tend to work as a DSLR, it is thought that the need for DSLR is at stake. However, the number of professional photographers are rising and it can be said that in future, Digital SLR will remain the same and with upgrading technology, the importance of DSLR will rise.