Each business begins with lead generation – without a lead, there can be no client to contact or offer deal with no revenue to secure. At Geniusvideos our experts with their years of experience state that advertisers guaranteed that lead transformation is their top need. Though, generating a high-quality lead remains a challenging task for many. 
Marketing Ideas

Since the method of generating leads has extended to advanced channels such as social media, video animation, website, and Search engine optimization, the way marketers do businesses have changed. Today, entrepreneurs around the world have begun grasping the digital marketing strategies for lead generation, particularly since it is proved that 88% of customers currently use the Internet when they want to make a purchase. 

So, to successfully create leads for your business, the marketing team at Geniusvideos has gathered a few effective marketing ideas that can help you increase leads. 

First Idea: Focus on optimizing your website

In this digital era, it is established that a productive business starts with a website. A correctly optimized web page can change about 1 to 5% of its audience into leads. However, the real question is, how to correctly optimize the web page? 

Simply by ensuring that the audience who visits your site should be able to easily access and understand your website, for example, if the visitor wants to see the price list, he or she should know where to click. 

In this fast-moving world, you only get a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention. If you lose this five-second window, you lose your sale. 

Therefore, to turn your visitor into a lead, you need to focus on optimizing your web page by providing attractive headers, understandable content, and clear navigation. 

Another effective idea to enhance your website is to build connections with different pages diverting to your site. To do so, you need to update informative content related to the product. Google responds better toward informative and useful pages, meaning your website can land on the top of most searched results. 

Second Idea: Improve your SEO ranking

When your web page lands on the top and is optimized well, it is guaranteed that your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) is high. 

A good SEO positioning or SEO ranking implies that your page is appearing on top of the search result when a particular keyword is identified with your business, essentially increasing the probabilities of clients clicking you. 

Generally, factors concerning SEO change from time to time, however, it is assured that your business can rapidly jump over with SEO ranking. So, knowing relevant keywords and how to use them to land back to your site is essential. You can begin by matching your keywords with other networks of your business, so audiences who are searching for that keyword can discover you first. Guarantee that your organization name, product name or contact number is well defined and consistent on your website. 

Also, you can update customer-based reviews and ask them to include a certain keyword that can help you rank better. 

With billions of pages appearing on Google each day, not thinking about your SEO ranking implies fewer customers to change into potential clients. There are many reports that indicate, leads created by SEO ranking have a 13% increased ratio, when compared with outbound channels. Meaning, with SEO optimization you can maximize your lead generation. 

Third Idea: Content Enhancement

One of the strongest techniques in generating lead is content enhancement. As per our annual analysis at Genius Videos, the reports have revealed that 80% of B2B purchasers need content to attract customers including video animation, and 42% of the content is viewed by the audience. As a result, more leads are generated after viewing the content. 

Through providing updated and enhanced content, you can draw in new leads until they're prepared to buy. Also remember, the updated content should be promoted as well to connect with the targeted audience, whether it's through email, SEO, or social media. 

So, besides providing information about your business on the Internet, high-quality and enhanced content such as the latest news, blogs, or a video animation on DYI tips, you can increase the possibilities of a sale. 

Fourth Idea: Provide active social media updates

The presence of your business on social media not only increases your lead possibilities, yet additionally it helps you promote your brand internationally. 

Social media is currently viewed as the top platform for generating leads with 55% of the viewers utilizing social media to create interpersonal connections with different organizations. Providing active social media updates implies attracting more leads with less efforts. 

Therefore, post actively on social media, add a video animation displaying your business and make sure to be dynamic on every platform including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build strong commitment among your customers. Leads generated through social media platforms are considered high- quality because it enables you to focus on specific people i.e. your targeted audience who requires explicit data for a product. 

Fifth Idea: Promote event and direct marketing

Direct marketing implies that you move away from the digital world and communicate directly to your clients. This type of marketing includes face-to-face interaction and consists of a particular call-to-action to inspire a productive connection. 

Event marketing likewise falls under the same category as events involves face-to-face communication or meeting someone in person. However, unlike direct marketing, it does require a particular call-to-action instead, event marketing presents your potential customers how your business or product can be helpful to them. At the end creating a strong personal relationship outside the digital channels. 

By promoting the event and direct marketing there is a higher possibility of changing your guests into leads. Even though, supervising such events require dedication, time, and money. Nonetheless, your devotion will probably pay off well, as it gives you a chance to meet individuals who generally are not aware of your organization or business. 

In conclusion:

Whether your business is new in the market or you have a running organization, these effective yet simple marketing ideas for lead generation will certainly deliver the outcomes you need. Also, as an additional tip from our professional at GV, promote video content through video animation and remember that you constantly analyze the results to understand which idea of lead generation is working best for you and your business.