Earlier, there was the time of the apartments, everybody we met used to be living in one or dreamt of living in one, but recent studies have revealed otherwise. Now people are moving towards the idea of buying a villa instead of an apartment. There are many factors that are responsible for people gravitating towards the villas instead of apartments. This explains the high demand among people for villa projects in Whitefield. It is the crazy obsession of people that is making them opt for villas and making the villas near Whitefield an area of a lot of interest among people.

Well, we tried to talk to a lot of villa and apartment owners to understand this shift in the mindset and tried to analyze the growing interest of people in villas over apartments and these are the reasons that we got, you can read them here:

  • Villa gives more convenience in terms of parking spaces but this is not possible if you want to do it in apartments.
  • Another thing that makes villas get brownie points over the apartments is that usually getting pets in an apartment can be really tricky as it can get the neighbors not being comfortable with them but if you live in a villa, you can keep pets.
  • If you are living in an apartment, you can have people coming in and coming out of the main entrance passage. However, if you live in a villa, you can get all the privacy that you want.
  • Be the sole decision-maker. Well, if you live in an apartment then it is not possible for you to change things of that apartment as and when you want, you have to take permissions; talk to the neighbors, etc, there is a lot of hassle involved. While on the other hand, living in a villa, you can be the sole decision-maker of everything.
  • We all understand that land has the value which increases and the building value actually decreases, so buying an apartment, you et the whole rights to your land.
  • When you live in a villa, you get a lot more of space to live in. Well, villas are no doubt a lot more spacious than apartments so you get the luxury of living in a larger space while you live in a villa.
The lifespan of a villa is longer than that of an apartment, in fact you can rejoice at the fact that even during the natural calamities, your villas has more chances of being intact as compared to an apartment.

Also, one can customize their villas as per their own wishes but this facility is not available to those who live in an apartment.

So, these are the reasons that make living in villas a lot more convenient option than to live in an apartment. We hope that you found this article useful and it helped in clearing your doubts.