Car Last Longer

Our cars can be a precious possession to us. We take care of it, we named it and we use it nearly every day. For others, it can be your source of income, or your reliable source of transportation if biking or public transit isn’t an option. When we put so much faith or trust in our car as our prized possession, we expect it to last and we need it to last.

Car maintenance is so important not just for those reasons listed, but also so we aren’t shelling out thousands of dollars trying to repair our car when something goes wrong. Keeping up with car payments can be hard enough without car damages to fix. What we need to do is be preventative and make sure our car is ready for any conditions, weather, or driving requirements.

If we stay on top of these needs for our car, we can make sure that when we run into any problems that we’re ready. If you need help making your car last longer, then these tips and tricks will help you do just that.

1. Driving Patiently

Driving patiently, or smoothly, might not sound like the most fun thing to do with your car, but it will make it last much longer. Pushing your engine, transmission, and tires to the limit by speeding or cornering hard might make you feel like a professional driver but it will also stress your car. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever have fun with your car, but try to consider how your driving style is affecting it internally and externally. This includes driving erratically over rough terrain too.

2. Body Coating

There are ways to coat your car’s paint job to make the body last throughout any element. One of these is a hydrophobic nano-ceramic coating for auto use, which is unfortunately not as widely known as it should be. What this coating does is protect the outer portion of your car from extensive rust or damage from water and weather conditions. It not only protects your car’s paint and body, but it also serves a cosmetic purpose as it can bring life to the shine of your paint. Likewise, a considerate look at your windshield for any cracks is a good practice to avoid costly windshield replacement later on.

3. Top Fluids Up Regularly

Power steering, brakes, windshield wiper fluid and oil, among others, should all be regularly checked for top-ups. These are the lubricants for your car’s insides. Much like how water or vitamins are to maintain our bodies’ internal functions, you should do the same for your car. Without these fluids being kept up with, your car won’t run as efficiently as it needs to. It also will keep you safe too. Driving with excessively old oil is dangerous for you and your car. Likewise for low levels of brake fluid.

4. Clean Your Car

Take out the trash in your car because it’s gross, then focus on your car too. Make sure you wash your rims, body, dashboard, floors and just about the entire thing. It keeps your car looking good, but it also reduces the build-up of rust, dirt, and dust. Letting your car’s body rust is a killer for automobiles. Same with dust that builds up inside the car and clogs your A/C.

5. Replace Filters Often

Owning a car can be pricey, but you should know that by now. Maintaining a car can seem expensive, but you need to know that it will cost more long term to play keep up when things go wrong. If you change out your filters, for example, your car will run much more smoothly. Oil and air filters can be easily changed at home with a little reading or video watching. Getting them replaced will ensure your car needs less long term repair.

6. Maintain the Battery

Maintain the Battery
The battery needs to be used every so often to make sure it doesn’t degrade. Jump starting a dead battery is a potentially damaging jolt to older cars. Keep the battery from leaking acid and change it out whenever it starts to go and your electronics in your car won’t need repair or replacement either.

Maintaining a car can sometimes be a lengthy process with all of the components and parts, but it’s worth the time and effort. Automotive apps like Autoly can provide you with different tips and resources, like a dashboard warning light scanner, that can not only help you prolong your vehicle’s life, but also help you understand how it works on a whole new level. If you stay on top of your car’s needs in a preventative way will keep you from dealing with the repercussions of a damaged vehicle later. Treat it like the prized possession it is.