Business owners always have to look out for innovative ways to make your brand stand out. Apart from having appropriate local SEO strategies for your web presence, there is a lot to do to market your business. A wonderful consideration is using postcards for innovatively convert traffic to your business with subsequent sales. Postcards personalize your marketing experience while enhancing lasting relationships.

 Understanding 3D-lenticular printing
Lenticular printing is a modern way to get postcards effectively and without breaking the bank. These postcards have a surface with a 3D effect to animate your brand story in two or three flips. This makes the postcard very intriguing making it very engaging. Lenticular printing is a wonderful printing method 

3)Display signs
4)Lanyard inserts
5)Business cards 

Making lenticular postcards involves interlacing two or more images into a file printed on lenticular lens. This comprises of minute tactile edges to bend and reflect light. The lenticular lens creates depth and motion on turning the card. This makes the images on the card to seemingly blend and turn through movement. 

Why 3D lenticular postcards  
For promotional purposes, get custom lenticular postcards  for sending to your customers. Regular postcards have about 1 to 1.5 percent response rate compared to about 25 percent or more for lenticular postcards. However, the response rate depends on your offer. People are likely to play, keep, and show a lenticular postcard around instead of throwing it away. This increases your response rate over time. 

Lenticular postcards also have a higher retention rate compared to regular postcards having the same design. Sending lenticular postcards saves time and money to establish your brand and make a significant impact. Fortunately, these postcards are cost-effective to make after finding a reputable lenticular printing company. These postcards allow using more than one image interlaced together to make a single image that seems to move when someone looks at your card. 

Ways to use postcards  
Introducing new services or products
When launching a new product or service on the market, you need a strategy that reaches a broader customer base. Most people use emails but these are not the most effective. Some customers are likely to ignore reading them. Postcards are very effective at allowing customers to learn about your new product or service. Ensure to have a regular postcard system to mail out all the exciting changes to make old customers learn about your new offering to the market. 

Appealing to new customers
Apart from encouraging your current customers to stick to your brand, it is equally important to ensure your brand exposure grows. A discount postcard is a wonderful tool for introducing a new product or service to the market. A postcard with animated images tells a brand story that entices new customers to purchase your products. 

Holiday greetings
With the holiday season knocking, lenticular postcards are ideal for sending on special occasions. The card can include images of your new merchandise to entice customers to come to your store. Additionally, you can include personalized words to match the occasion. Sending your customers and business partners shows how much you value their relationship with you. This subsequently comes with financial rewards from increased sales to offset the cost of printing lenticular postcards.  

Encouraging sales  
When planning a mega sale with huge discounts and special offers, it is very important to let customers know. A good idea is to consider using lenticular postcards to pass on your message. These cards are wonderful to look at for their 3D effect. So, you can allow images of your special sales with appropriate content to entice customers. Offering bargains, clearance sales, and hard-to-beat price deals allow getting rid of old stock while boosting sales. 

Sending event reminders
When planning to remind customers about an event, using emails or social media is an impersonal option. However, a lenticular postcard is a vibrant marketing technique for those special occasions. a client list is a great business asset offering data for generating leads. The striking 3D images on a lenticular postcard are ideal for branding to meet objectives and goals. 

Promoting consumer loyalty  
A brand with loyal customers is in a better position to boost sales. The best way to have a stellar reputation in the market is by having creative marketing ideas. Using lenticular postcards to let customers know about your great product or service is a sign of exceptional customer service. Additionally, sending out these postcards to loyal customers lets them know how much you appreciate them for supporting your brand.  

Wrapping up
To survive the stiff competition in today’s business world requires being very innovative and smart. Using postcards in business is a smart move for their immense benefits including encouraging loyalty. Making the most of postcards in business is opting for lenticular printed cards with a 3D effect. These enhance retention rates and response rates.