Edible flowers can either be eaten as vegetables or used as herbs in cooking. Middle Eastern, European, and Asian cuisines include such flowers in their cooking methods.

Rose is one such edible flower, which not only adds flavour but also has medicinal value. This multipurpose flower comes in over hundreds of variants, based on distinctive sizes and colours. Rosa Rugosa is one such edible rose species. The petals, leaves, buds and hips are the consumable parts of the rose. However, not all species are edible.

Rose petals have numerous benefits. So, where to buy edible rose petals? We shall see the options available later in this article.

As mentioned above, the primary purpose of edible rose petals is to elevate the flavours of delicacies from various cuisines, such as those of South Asian and Iranian. They are used both in sweet and savoury dishes. Further, the popularity of edible rose petals has increased so much that chefs from England incorporate rose petals in the cooking process. Adding rose petals give an exquisite twist to the traditional English dishes.

Edible rose petals not only enhance the flavours in cooking, but they are also a value add in many other ways. Let us see some of the purposes and lesser-known facts of edible rose petals.

Health Benefits

Rose petals increase the nutritional value in terms of the following nutrients:
 1)Vitamins: Rose petals contain essential vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, C, D and E.
2)Antioxidants: Quercetin and Myrcene are some of the essential antioxidants present in rose petals. Vitamin C also adds to the antioxidant properties.
3)Minerals: Rose petals are rich in minerals like potassium and calcium.

Medicinal Value

Rose petals can prevent and treat the following medical issues : 
1)Infections: Vitamin C in rose petals makes them useful to increase the immune system. The vitamin protects the body against any diseases.
2)Menstrual Issues: Rose petals subdue menstrual pain. The use of rose petals has been a common practice in traditional Chinese medicine. Rose petals-based tea is one such cure.
3)Respiratory Disorders: Rose petals are supposed to prevent respiratory ailments by easing phlegm and bronchitis. 
4)Constipation: Constipation accumulates toxins in the body, which cause other health concerns. The tea made from rose petals strengthens the digestive system, relieving one from the illness.

Fights Depression and Stress 

Roses are laden with flavonoids which have antidepressant property. Furthermore, Rose petals contain antiepileptic properties.

The aroma from the rose petals can ease out stress and uplift the mood. One suffering from anxiety, depression, or moodiness, can inhale the intoxicating aromatics from the rose. This aroma calms down the mind and helps to uplift the spirit. One can feel a mood that is tranquil and positive. 

Aides in Skin Care and Treatment

Rose petals are cooling and hydrating. Rosewater made from rose petals helps to soothe and nourish dehydrated and irritated skin types. They also work as a face toner. 

Rose petals can help tighten and tone open pores and wrinkles. Also, the astringent properties of the rose help resolve canker sores.

Accentuate Fragrance of Potpourri 

Potpourri is a bowl of aromatic spices and dried petals of naturally fragrant plants like the rose, to radiate the perfume. It is easy to make, or one can buy it online. 

The alternative is to make bags from leftover fancy fabrics. Place some dried edible rose petals inside and seal the bags. For a stronger scent, use a few drops of rose essential oil. Orris root powder, if added to rose petals, helps the fragrance to last longer. 

References in the Past

There are references to rose petals dating back to the times of ancient Rome. Roses enhanced the flavours of the food served to celebrate a victory. Further, in the late 19th century, chefs at the White House made pound cake with rose water as one of the ingredients.

Precautionary Measures

While using edible rose petals, always ensure they are not infected with contaminants and are free from pesticides. Avoid using roses purchased from florists or outlets on the roadside, for culinary purposes.  The automobile exhaust can contaminate rose petals to the extent of not being consumable.


After knowing the above-stated facts and benefits of edible rose petals, the next evident question would be where to buy edible rose petals?

The simplest way is to purchase online. However, one needs to keep in mind the purpose of the purchase of rose petals. Accordingly, one must decide on the outlet. For instance, for rose petals used in culinary purposes, the quality has to be given due consideration. Hence outlets that meet the food quality standards should be identified. On the contrary, if the purchase is with the objective of only decoration purposes, then standard online portals can be pursued.

To summarise, edible rose petals not only add a floral hint to the delicacies around the world, but they also have other benefits. The more fragrant the rose, the sweeter it will be. Choose the rose petals wisely and enjoy the benefits to the maximum.