Are you moving or renovating in 2020, or looking to make a few changes in your interior? If so, you want to make sure that the designer furniture you choose fits with the 2020 trend and lasts a long time. We made a list of designer furniture that is guaranteed to make your home complete. Have a look and let yourself be inspired!

1. Studio Perspective: Able Wagon Delen OakLuckily, we're all becoming more considerate of the environment. It is therefore not surprising that sustainability and environmental awareness are part of the 2020 trends. Studio Perspective is a designer brand that makes long-lasting furniture while taking both people and the environment into consideration. A great example is the oak table Able Wagon Delen Oak.

This table has a metal frame and a wood tabletop; both were made in a quite particular way. The frame is made of waste metal sourced from a steel factory and made by prisoners at the production company In-Made. The wood tabletop is made from oak beams that are, amongst other places, sourced from French freight wagons. They are re-planed in the sheltered workshop Pantar in Amsterdam, so the natural wood comes to the surface again. However, their industrial history is preserved in the wood’s black grains! In other words, an eye-catcher with a great story!

2. Leolux: Gynko couchAnother trend that’s coming back in 2020 is elegant curves. Organic shapes with round and oval elements are back with a vengeance. Combined with deep, warm hues, they make a great trend for 2020 and many years after. Leolux is a designer brand known for its artistic designs. Take the Gynko couch for example; the round shapes give it a soft, but playful appearance. You can arrange the couch in a multitude of different ways and choose what color you would like to have the couch in, too. That way, it will always go perfectly with your interior!

3. Artisan: Neva or Latus dining room chairsThe third and last trend of 2020 is the use of natural colors and materials. This is in line with the trend we mentioned earlier: sustainability and environmental awareness. A brand that responds to this - and also works with round and oval shapes - is Artisan. The Neva and Latus dining room chairs by this designer brand are made from solid wood and therefore completely ‘au naturel’! The natural look ensures that the chairs go with pretty much any interior.

In addition to the trends we mentioned, 2020 is perfect for working with ochre and vintage pink details as well. These colors, combined with natural elements, are all the rage in 2020. Add some great houseplants and you are ready for a year where your interior is not just totally in line with the trends, you're also being considerate of people and the environment!