Once you're introduced to it, vaping becomes something that we all get invested in, from people who are switching from traditional forms of nicotine intake to those just looking for a newer mod to add to their collection. 

Here are a few to check out if you're looking for great products to fuel your vaping experience this 2020, either from Australia or internationally.

SMOK Stick Prince

The SMOK stick prince is perfect for people looking for something other than a vape mod that will be excessive and more challenging to travel with. It's highly portable and is filled from the top, reducing the likelihood of creating messes (especially if you're new to vaping). It can store 8 mL of juice, which is a modest amount. This should be enough if you're leaving your house for a while, depending on your usage and MG level. 

These kits come with everything you need to get introduced to the vaping world without purchasing accessories like batteries, a tank, coils, cotton, etc. It won't produce giant clouds, but it won't hit you hard on your budget, either. Being able to charge your vape by simply plugging it in is a serious advantage when it comes to convenience. Those with mods might even want to pick up a SMOK Stick Prince for when they're on the go and don't want to deal with juice.

VaporFi E Juice

With all the media hype, many people are deciding to choose products that operate with FDA-approved additives rather than other sources. VaporFi E Juice fulfills this requirement and utilizes a child-proof storage container. They also have a wide array of flavors you might not be able to find elsewhere, including pecan cake, apple cider donuts, and frozen bananas.

 If you're switching from tobacco, the flavor can make all the difference when you're attempting to do so. If you haven't secured a source of e-juice, this nicotine e-liquid guide provides a detailed review. Product reviews will significantly help you stay informed and make your best decision.

Nitecore Q4 4-Slot Universal Battery Charger

I remember a time when I was spending a lot more on battery chargers than what they're offering for current prices. The Nitecore Q4 charger provides a cost-effective method of charging your vape batteries and allows for monitoring separate battery cells. Sometimes, you may not know which batteries you placed in which slot,, which can be beneficial. 

There's nothing worse than being out of the house with your mod running on a low battery and having to conserve use. If you're moving from a pen to a mod this is a tremendous first charger, Nitecore products are one of the first battery chargers I've ever used.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

There's a certain satisfaction associated with more giant clouds and SMOK's TFV8 delivers. The filling method involved with this tank is modified to reduce soil number messiness. When you're refueling, you'll be able to alter the airflow to suit your needs and get it the way you want. It only stores 6 mL of fluid, so you may want a more portable E-liquid container to take with you out of the house. It also operates with four coils to provide a more proficient pull.

Tesla Punk 220W TC Vape MOD

The style of the Tesla Punk 220W mod comes over very "steam-punky" which is pretty ironic given it produces vapour. The 220 W mods are something that advanced users will be geared towards as it offers advantages to consider clouds. The mod also works well with a variety of different metals for coils and is adaptable to a variety of tanks. Being able to use the tank you want to use and control the temperature with a mod are absolute musts for experienced users. It might come off like something out of Leonardo DaVinci's drawings, but it certainly provides a modern level of complexity.

It takes a lot of work to keep up with all the mods, tanks, E juices, batteries, and chargers in the vaping world. It's hard to become committed to a particular brand when there are such huge variations in what's available and E juices are an excellent example of this. Always be on the lookout for the best deals and the best products available to meet your needs. They're like phones with how quickly new models are put out, but these are some great products to look into for 2024.