digital marketing

I don’t think it will come as a shock to anybody that video is a powerful tool. You probably have noticed how many brands use it. And if you aren’t then you are leaving money on the table.

Pretty much every social media platform uses video now. You can advertise on Snapchat, Instagram TV and Facebook Stories are all popular because people like watching video.

How can it help you with your digital marketing? In this article we will explore all the reasons you should be using video in your marketing campaign to create leads and sales.

Bang for the buck

Video is a lot more involved than written text and as such does cost more to make or buy the content. Yet, the value you get is far superior to getting blog posts.

Videos have a much greater chance to go viral than a blog article or social media post. People love sharing video. Next time you are using Facebook, pay attention to the number of shares of the posts in your feed. You will notice the video far outpace the photos and text.

You may pay less for text, but you get more mileage from a video. Check the video production cost and you’ll see it is not as expensive as you think.

Video boosts engagement

When people are searching for answers and a solution to their problem, they often scan text and move on quickly. With video, they are more likely to watch the whole video and then ask questions if comments are enabled.

The reason is that people learn better by seeing and have trouble processing the density of information n a text post. Reading for pleasure is much different than reading to find a solution to a problem.

Video is a great traffic source

If your offer is from a website, then video can be a great compliment to your content. Using Youtube to upload your video ends up being a great traffic source. If your video is helpful and you have your calls to action on point, then people are more likely to go check out your offer.

When building an email list, then video is the best way to send warm traffic to your landing page where they can sign up. Those people are true fans and are likely to be very interested in your offers.

Google gives videos high rankings

Have you noticed that before the website results from a search that the top of the page has a few videos?

That’s because Google understands that video is far more effective than text. People are more likely to click on one of the videos. Then the other key metric that Google loves is very high. That’s time on page. People will stay on the video for much longer than they would if they were reading a blog post.

That’s prime real estate and if you have a video you can earn a spot up there and generate a lot of traffic. If you also have a web page in the top results then you are dominating that first page.