Bike Racks for Parking

A bicycle parking rack, a bike rack, or a bicycle stand is a tool to which bikes can be steadily attached. A bike rack may be free-standing, but some may be connected to the ground or a fixed object, like buildings. A bike rack may also be installed on top or at the back of a vehicle.

Are bike racks universal?

Bike racks can be installed on any car, usually mounted on the roof. When installing or attaching a bicycle rack to your vehicle, you only need to consider which rack would be the best fit for your car. Of course, your vehicle must be solid and robust enough to carry the rack and bike's weight.

It is easy to choose a bike rack because it is more application-specific than any other kind of rack. You simply have to know several pieces of essential information for you to find what rack ideally fits your car:
  • What kind of bike do you have?
  • How many bikes do you have to bring with you?
  • Where do you want to carry your bike – on the roof of your car or at the back of it?

Which bike rack should I buy?

The model and style of bike rack you will need are influenced by many factors, such as the type of bike and vehicle you have. If you have a smaller car, installing a bike rack on its roof is a better option. It is the most economical and convenient way to have a bike rack.

On the other hand, if you have a tall vehicle or bike heavier than usual, a tray-style hitch mount could be ideal for you and your bike. Before buying a bike rack, consider these factors:

The stuff you have to carry

You must carry a bike, paddle board, or ski. Also, how many of them do you have to take?

The year, make, and model of the car you are fitting

Before buying a bike rack, you need to ensure it fits your vehicle. Do you have a pickup truck, SUV, or a sedan? Major bike rack manufacturers have vehicle fit guidelines that will help you decide what bike rack best suits you and your car.

The readiness of your car

Does your car already have a receiver trailer hitch or roof crossbars? What’s their size? If not, of course, you have to install those, too.

Are bike racks removable?

Yes, a bike rack can be easily installed and uninstalled.

To remove a bike rack from the trailer hitch, you have to use your key to unlock the unit. Then, at the bottom right side of the bike rack, where it is attached to the receiver, you will see a black bar. You must pull the bar away from the bike rack and release the anti-rattle handle.