Shaving is generally a daily work for men. To look particularly groomed, shaving is a must. To lessen the daily hassle of shaving, an electric shaver is a must. It can be a time saver as well as a lifesaver. However, one must choose the perfect shaver to have a smooth experience.

Many men face irritation while or after shaving, which makes the experience horrible. Certain things should be kept in mind to have a smoother shaving experience. For that, one must choose their Ideal Shaver. There are various types of shavers, such as Foil shavers and rotating shavers. So, at first, one must select the type of shaver they feel comfortable with.

After choosing the ideal shaver, the following steps should be followed to eliminate irritation.

Preparing The Skin: Preparing the skin is a regular process. The skin should be washed and exfoliated regularly. This will remove dead skin and dirt, making shaving easier.

2. Using a Shaving Cream: Shaving gel or cream helps soothe the skin. It gives the skin a cooling sensation that helps reduce irritation.

3. Following the Direction of Hair Growth: Many people shave against the direction of hair growth, which causes irritation to the skin. Shaving should be done in the direction of hair growth. This will give a smooth shave without irritating the skin.

4. Avoid Pulling the Skin Too Much: Pulling the skin while shaving is necessary. But this has to be done to a limit. If someone pulls the skin too much,      then with the hair, a portion of the skin will enter the blade,      causing cuts and irritation. So, it should be remembered that too much pulling the skin will cause irritation.

5. Using the Shaver Gently: Many times, people in a hurry shave rigorously without following directions and use the shaver over and over on a particular area, which causes irritation. So it should be done gently.

6. Putting the Perfect Amount of Pressure: To avoid irritation while shaving, there should be a little pressure put over the shaver. If someone puts a lot of pressure on the shaver, it will lead to skin irritation.

7. Using a Sharp Blade: The blades should be checked before shaving. If the blades are blunt, they won't cut the hair properly, and it will be tough to shave, leading to skin irritation.

8. Using an After-Shave balm or gel: Using an after-shave balm or gel will cool the skin and reduce irritation.

9. Cleaning the Shaver Properly: After every shave, the shaver should be cleaned properly so no bacteria can grow within the blades. The blades should be kept under running water, and every corner of the razor should be adequately cleaned.

To make the shaving experience easier and smoother, the above steps should be remembered and followed. Skin irritation may still arise even after following these rules, but if someone follows them, the intensity of irritation may be less.