Buyers Agent

In this time and age, quick research online can give you a basic idea of what is real estate trading about. However, this does not make any buyers agent’s work futile. The best agent can always assist you in making your dreams finally come true and have that perfect home you have always dreamed of.

To know more about how you can choose the right buyers agent, read on. We have here the best tips on how you can obtain the best buyers agent in town when you are in search for that brand spanking new place you can call your ‘home.’

Personal Recommendation

The best way to hire the right and dependable buyers agent is via the recommendation of a friend or close relative who previously was a client of the said buyers agent. You know for sure that you will never go wrong if you follow this path. The next thing you can do is to conduct a research concerning the best buyers agent on your list and see who among them has bought or sold the greatest number of homes, or closed the most deals. Melbourne Buyers agent Murphy Jacobs is quoted saying that most buyers agents get the majority of their new business from existing referrals, so good customer service is essential.

Do Not Hire A Relative

As a general rule of thumb, never hire a relative realtor. This is not advised. Unless of course if they are really good at what they do and are highly recommended. There are a lot of relationship strains coming from deals with kins involving money. Do not ever go this route. 

Stay Away From Buyers Agent Who Charges Below The Standard Commission

Moreover, it is best to steer clear of buyers agent who would charge you below the standard commission. By practice, this is roughly 5%-7% percent of the total value. If your realtor asks anything lower than this, you have to be doubtful of the realtor and the work that they do. Nevertheless, you can always re-negotiate for a much lower commission when the house is eventually sold. 

Keep From Buyers Agent With Too Many Online Listings

Stay away from buyers agents whose photos you see in practically every online listings you fin. Their photos are there for good reason, and they paid for it for a good PR stunt. Never succumb to the marketing hype of any of these agents. 

Go For Someone Who Communicates Well

Communication is key for every and all business transactions. That is why, keep an open eye for a buyers agent who communicates with you in a timely manner. Communication is a must. There is only a split-second difference between an accepted or declined offer that always result to missed opportunities. So, pick one that is able and willing to communicate with you on a regular basis and is always available via phone, mobile, email, or chat. 

As you contact your preferred buyers agent, opt for someone who is willing to be interviewed at the house you want to sell or buy. This way he can be personally assessed together with the property you are looking to buy and you will know his best interest that will serve you best.