Contact Lens Problems

Contact lenses are designed to correct blurry vision. But, if you are still unable to clear objects, means there is an issue in your lenses. Keep in mind; this is not a serious problem. A regular eye check-up, weekly disposable contacts and general hygiene tips can help you to come out of this problem.

How to Fix Blurry Vision With Contact Lenses

Check Your Prescription

The most common reason for blurry vision is outdated prescriptions. As you grow older, refractive errors progress which is an alarming buzz that you need an eye examination. You will need a new prescription every five years or even before. Therefore, do not forget to fix an appointment with the optician to see clearly for a longer tenure.

But, if you updated your prescription, your eyes also need time to adjust. You may feel trouble with squinting, blinking, or moving your head to see well. Don’t worries wait for two weeks or less for new prescriptions. Things will visible clear without troubling you.


If your vision is not clear to see distant objects and you may suffer from Astigmatism. This is normally caused by irregular cornea shape that can complicate contact lens fitting. Your lens moves out from the place and lets your vision blurry. Here, blinking the contact lens or eye drops can help. Even the problem continues; do not hesitate to take doctor’s advice.

Incorrect Fitting

This is another culprit that let your contact lens vision blurry. This can be due to manufacturing reasons that lenses are not designed as per your prescription. For this, you can try a few different brands that sit properly and make your vision perfect. Remember; do not forget to descriptions mentioned on the box and match with your prescription before using contacts.

Wearing Lenses for Too Long Period

Af course, due to continuous wearing contact lenses will accumulate dirt and other particles. That makes you uncomfortable and let your vision blurry. Therefore, a good solution is to use either daily disposable lenses or keep them into cleaning solution overnight. But, if you need to wear lenses for a longer time, do not forget to use eye drops as per the doctor’s scheduled time.


If your eyes are suffering from an allergic reaction, too much water will start coming out from eyes. This means your lenses do not sit properly and you need to change them ASAP. On the other side, dry eyes are also another issue where you need doctor’s consultation. Sometimes, optician also recommends users to change lens or to use eye drops after fixed hours.

Eye Floaters

These are temporary spots or floaters that carry water and air in your vision areas. It will affect the vision for the short term; sometimes you feel your contacts are moving in eyes. Because eye floaters have vitreous get that keeps on moving your lens. Keep in mind; this is the best tip for healthy eyes. This keep your eyes clean and doctor’s prescription up to date.

Eye Infection

Blurry vision and eye irritation are two signs of eye infection. Both lead unclear vision. These mainly happen due to unclean contact lenses or when you are wearing lenses for a longer time. It also increases the risk of scratching or punching your eyes that allow bacteria or fungus through. So, if your eyes start irritating, stop wearing a contact lens. As these can become red, itchy or swollen. So stop wearing and visit to the optometrist for treatment.

Hormonal Changes

Pregnancy, menopause, and other hormonal changes can also affect your vision. Therefore, even if you are undergoing regular check-ups these changes affect your vision.


Migraines or migraine headaches symptoms results in blurry vision, flashes of light, seeing zigzag and glares and halos. This is a temporary problem and can go away once you get relief from migraines. But if the problem continues, go with medical check-up. There is nothing with the contact lens issue.

Bottom Line

If you set your eye check-up schedule with optometrist or ophthalmologist every year or two, it will be easy to come out of many eye issues. The most common blurry vision with contact lens. At the same time do not forget a healthy routine life like always wash your hand before wearing or removing lenses. Wear sunglasses, to save eyes from dust and dirt. These simple tips will leave the discomfort away.

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