Clean Your Home
Home cleaning can be either time-consuming or energy-consuming or both. And even if you’re a stay-at-home mum or dad, finding out an easier, faster, and efficient way of doing things can only do you good. Isn’t that so? Therefore, in that direction, I will show you how to clean your home more efficiently in 2 hours without much hassle. But if you’d rather opt for a professional cleaning service, check out this reputable carpet cleaning riverside company.

Still here? Let’s get started.

Dusting First

Depending on your environment, the rate at which different home elements collect dust bags varies. In most cases, especially if you’re living in an urban or industrial area, the presence of dust can be glaring. And while you may be tempted to wet-clean your furniture and appliances, dusting is a much faster and effective solution. The thing is dust reacts with water to form muddy dirt. Whatever you mop dust off may seem clean at first but will appear muddy on drying which you will have to come back to, spending more energy and time cleaning. And when dusting, make sure you dust from elevated items to the bottom. This way, you can avoid returning dust to a previously cleaned surface.

Cleaning Furniture And Electrical Appliances

After dusting everything from the pieces of furniture to mirrors and securing that every surface of your home is dust-free, the next thing you want to do is wipe and clean. This should be done either with a washable microfiber pad or with a washable towel. If you have a steamer, it will give you a better result and even speed up the process. In the case of microfiber pad or towel, deep either into a bucket of clean water, squeeze the water out to leave the towel damp before use. Again, mop from the elevated surfaces to the bottom while going from left to right and inside to outside. Remember to mop the mirrors, chairs, tables, cabinets, and your home appliances. Note; before cleaning your electrical appliances, unplug them and make sure they are not activated. Also ensure that your moping gear, towel perhaps, is almost dry and seriously damp to avoid electrical shocks.

Cleaning Bathrooms And Toilets

There are so many ways to clean you bathrooms and toilets. But whatever method you use should be decided by your health condition and how dirty your spaces are. Yes, read that again. If you have a sensitive skin, you should be opting for a chemical-free cleaning. And in that case, a steam-based mop is the right gear. Also, a mop enables you to clean without having to squat, crouch, or bend in the case of an individual with chronic back pains or neck pains, especially if you have fibromylgia. Whichever you’re cleaning with, endevor to clen twice. The first cleaning should be to remove all hard stains or loosen them up for the second round of cleaning where you do the final touches before rinsing.

Cleaning Carpets

Before cleaning your carpet, the first thing you want to do is make it dust free through vacuuming or sweeping. This way, your cleaning water will not get dirty faster, resulting in zero or less water replacement which in turn help you to get the work done faster with less stress. So, go ahead and clean the carpet the way you’ve done your toilet and bathroom as previously explained.


The kitchen is usually the most gross. But the degree of dirtiness varies from corner to corner and from one kitchen appliance to another. Start with the less dirty items and surfaces that are the highest above the ground and clean toward the floor.