Professional Life

There are few things that are universally unattractive to most humans. One is a negative outlook, another is being mean to animals, and the third is being unhygienic and generally unkempt. Short of surgery, there’s not a lot that you can do with how you look aside from grooming and some attention to detail. But to the people around you, it makes all the difference. People can tell if you’ve been slacking on your personal upkeep, especially if you’ve kept up with it in the past. And most reactions are rarely positive. 

If you’re not completely convinced, here are some ways that grooming affects not only your personal life, but professional life as well.

Perception By Bosses and Coworkers

When you’re going to work, you mostly have to interact with people outside of your comfort zone. This means putting on a face and adopting a professional attitude that is results-geared and ready to tackle and hurdle in the day’s job. Part of that professional persona is how you look. Sure, there’s a growing emphasis on various styles and fashion statements being “okay” in the workplace as a personal choice. But grooming relative to the job you have is still important when it comes to coworkers and clients. It may be a personal choice not to shower and comb your hair for a week, but that tells coworkers that you cannot be bothered to care for yourself. That, in turn, can definitely carry over to the perception of you completing a task. 

Actively Working With Clients

So what if you look and smell a certain way? Isn’t the end result of the job what really matters? Not so much. When it comes to the service industry, appearances are half the battle. It can make or break the potential for a repeat client. Take logistics, for example. The professionals at Transport Executive understand that clients and partners want to work with well-groomed individuals, especially if they’re going to be in the car with them for hours on end. It’s not just a professional courtesy, but an exercise in etiquette. One cannot simply let themselves go while on a job regarding others. 

Positive Self-Image

Positive Self-Image

Grooming not only keeps up appearances for clients and coworkers, grooming sets a health precedent for yourself. It’s not just about what others think, it’s about creating healthy habits that give you that extra vibrance to your look. In turn, people will respond better, increasing your confidence for the whole day. If you’re in sales or marketing, you know how infectious that feedback loop is. It’s crucial to living a healthy, happy, and confident life. And the more you can influence and positively affect people, the more you’ll be recognized.

Grooming sets a cascade of good things. It’s a practice not unlike mindfulness. It’s self-care. And that extra 10% that it brings to the table is absolutely worth it. It can spell the difference between getting a promotion or not. It can be the little detail that snags a new client. Grooming is part of a net-positive experience. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that?