Since WHO says mothers should take pleasure in breastfeeding their babies for the first 6 months, it is important to know how to work towards achieving that. The said organization has explained the benefits of keeping to that period of breastfeeding.

This article will be talking about something else. How do you breastfeed conveniently in a baby carrier? Before you dive into the details, you may want to invest in the best breastfeeding carrier.

Buying a quality one will be a good move. You will have the freedom to breastfeed wherever you go, bringing more convenience. Your kid will be happy for no missing her meal at the time due. Even science has something to say about breastfeeding and it goes in the line that it enhances the feeding relationship because of skin contact and the release of prolactin hormone.

So, here is how to actually breastfeed in a baby carrier.


Once you have invested in the best baby carrier, you will be able to feed your baby on the go. Your tummy will be directly facing and touching your tummy. The baby’s back will be straight completely.

There is another latching method which you will resume when you are sitting down. You should keep the breast closer to the baby whenever you are feeding her in the straight or upright position. Perhaps you are hiking or walking, you will need to support the breast with a hand to avoid issues.


When you want to hold the breast, try to keep a thumb above the nipple and the second finger below it. This is like holding the sandwich.

The second option for holding is the scissor hold. Here the mother will put a finger, and their forefinger as in using scissors. There is the third option for holding breast but it is not that convenient when we are talking about feeding in the best feeding carrier.

A good hold on the breast will make latching convenient for the little one and it will ensure enough space below the baby’s nose. 

When you are breastfeeding a very small baby with the best breastfeeding for a carrier, you need to support him or her because babies find it difficult to hold their head in one position. If you are just trying to use the method for feeding your baby, you might want to consider trying to nurse your baby at home at periods when she seems calm and comfortable. This is the right time to practice feeding her with the carrier. You may decide not to wear a shirt. You will release some positive hormones after the skin-to-skin contact you have with your baby. 

When it is about feeding with the best breeding carrier, you should choose to stand. Not only will your baby enjoy it, but you will also feel comfortable feeding her.

Handling a Sleeping baby

Babies like to fall asleep in the middle of breastfeeding. As soon as you notice your baby is sleeping, make them safer by positioning them better. You want them to sleep comfortably, so ensure she is upright and snug in your arms. It is best to keep the baby asleep while you keep feeding her.

Trying and Failing Again at Feeding in a Baby Carrier

It is very likely that you are not perfect with feeding your baby inside the best breastfeeding carrier. Keep trying again and again. Not everyone gets it right. Babies do not an adult’s kind of patience. So if your baby is not comfortable with the use of carrier in the first few days, bring her out of it and let her feed in your hands.

What you should wear when feeding your baby in a carrier

  • You may choose to get some nursing shirts, but they are not compulsory.
  • Deep cut v-necks, wide-necked shirts, and button-down shirts are good because they are easy for mothers when it is time to breastfeed. You can pull or unbutton.
  • Wearing a stretchy cami below can be a wonderful idea when you need warm in a period like a winter.
  • Layering is good for those who want coverage for both the bottom and the top. This is how it will work: you will reach for the layer on the outside, lean a bit forward, pull the outer one up and the inner shirt down.
  •  For those who like their privacy, the best breastfeeding carrier covers your shoulder.
  • No matter what you choose to wear, ensure you see your baby’s mouth and nose easily. It is better for the baby to be safe than being modest.