Floor Mats For Trucks

The Floor Mats that for your truck is expected to protect the floor of the truck from dirt and corrosion. All-weather mats are the best mats for trucks. 

Rubber floor mats are ideal mats and they will protect the floor of the vehicle from dirt and water. Carpet mats are also good all-weather mats for trucks. 

They trap dust particles and hold them. However, during rainy seasons carpet mat should be provided with fibers that will absorb the moisture. While choosing the floor mat to ensure that the mat has high edges all around. 

When the edges are high, liquids will not seep into the floor. Those who buy rubber floor mats should ensure that there are deep grooves on the mat so as to keep it clean.

Unlike the rubber mats, those made of cloth or carpet are difficult to clean. Floor mat must be easy to clean since it easily gets contaminated with dirt and other impurities.

The floor mat must have a powerful grip on the back. While buying floor mats for track see to it that the mats are odorless. Easily cleanable floor mats made of either rubber or vinyl is the best choice. 

The size of the mat may be measured to ensure that it fits properly inside the truck. Floor mats made of heavy-duty materials like rubber will last for not less than three years.

User guide of a Floor Mats For Trucks

When compared to carpet mats, the mats made of rubber are more durable AND cost-effective. Also, they are easier to clean and ensure better protection to the floor of the truck. Rubber floor mats will withstand harsh climate also. The user must be aware of the difference between the floor mat and floor liner.

Floor mats have channels between the ridges so that the user's feet and the dirt on the mat are separated. The floor liner will perfectly fit into the floor of the vehicle since it is molded to the shape of the vehicle's floor. Prior to installing the new floor mat, it is very important to remove the factory mats from the truck. 

If the factory mat is retained the new floor mat will not fit properly. Generally, the floor mats are odorless and are completely free of harmful materials like lead, cadmium or PVC. 

The floor mats can be recycled. Prior to installing or removing the floor mat, the user may read the vehicle owner's manual. Also one has to go through the instructions for using the floor mat retention system of the truck. 

The all-weather floor mat is 2 - dimensional and will cover only the floor of the truck. Hence it is comparatively less expensive.

What's the difference between the WeatherTech floor liners and floor mats?

WeatherTech floor liners are generally made of Polymers whereas the floor mats are made of rubber, polymers or carpet. 

WeatherTech floor liners provide a wall-to-wall overlay to the truck's floor whereas the floor mat is similar to a sectional rug. The Weather Tech floor liners are in fact molded to the contours of the truck. Its edges will be projected up along the walls of the floor of the truck. 

At the same time, the floor mats are flat at the bottom. WeatherTech floor liners are always custom-fitted for the trucks but, all floor mats are not custom-fitted. The custom-fit floor liners will have built-in buttonholes. These buttons match the location of the locating pegs. 

When the pegs are inside these holes the mat will not slide but stay in place. Thus Weather Tech floor liners ensure more safety. The polymer compounds that are used to manufacture the floor liners are very stiff. Since most of the floor mats are made of rubber they are soft and pliable. When compared to floor mats, the Weather Tech floor liners cover more floor area of the truck. 

Weather Tech floor liners are made of high-density material which is strong and has surface friction.

Where are WeatherTech floor liners made?

Almost all the products of WeatherTech including WeatherTech floor liners and floor mats are manufactured in the heartland of America. 

The factories of Weather Tech are in Bolingbrook, Illinois, US. Almost 95% of Weather Tech products are made in America.

Not only that WeatherTech products are made in America but they are designed and engineered also in America. 

The Weather Tech Product Development Center is located in Downers Grove, Illinois. At this center, all the great ideas of Weather Tech are converted into real products. 

Most of the materials that are required to make floor liners of WeatherTech are supplied by American companies. The equipment required by the factories are also purchased from American companies. Weather Tech will use only the best quality materials for manufacturing various products. 

Weather floor mats, cargo liners, mud flaps, sunshade, and various other products are also manufactured in the Illinois factory. 

The production engineers of Weather Tech are using advanced design software to ensure that the products are really custom fit. 

The WeatherTech rubber floor mats are considerably less expensive than the carpet floor mats. Weather Tech is one of the most popular brands of floor liners as well as floor mats. 

What are WeatherTech floor liners made of?

WeatherTech floor liners are made of a softer variety of plastic which is also a semi-rigid compound. 

As a result, the floor liners get the rough texture on the surface. Due to the roughness of the surface, the floor liners will not slide on the carpet. Moreover, muddy shoes also won't slide on the floor liner.

WeatherTech floor liners are odorless and are non-toxic. These floor liners are free of lead, cadmium, latex and harmful PVCs. The floor mats and floor liners from WeatherTech can be recycled. WeatherTech mats and floor liners are made from an advanced Thermoplastic Elastomer. This TPE is 100% free of cadmium, lead, and harmful PVCs. WeatherTech developed their first-floor liner in the year 2005. The floor liners from WeatherTech ensure the best protection to the floor of the truck. WeatherTech floor liner is the most popular brand in the market. WeatherTech floor liners cover the maximum surface area. 

WeatherTech floor liners are stain-resistant. Still, regular maintenance is very important to keep the floor liners in good condition for a longer period of time. Floor Liner cleaners, as well as protector kits, may be used to ensure maximum durability of the floor liners. WeatherTech is committed to producing the best quality floor liners for trucks by using the best materials.