Customer support and satisfaction have always been a top priority for any growing business. Providing timely assistance is essential to increase clients’ retention and make people loyal to your brand.

However, customer support representatives maybe overloaded with identical requests, or a company may not be able to afford a qualified 24/7 support team. In this case, chatbots come as a perfect solution that can do the important customer-oriented job for you and boost your business, while saving time and money.

A chatbot is a powerful AI-driven application that simulates a conversation with your visitor on a website, app, or social media. It will formulate responses to user’s queries in a natural language. Thus, a chatbot can bea convenient way to assist your customers in case they need assistance with your products or services.

Using the right framework will allow you to create your own chatbot and train it according to your business needs. Down below, you will find the top three chatbot development frameworks that you should definitely check out and give them a try.

Microsoft Bot Framework
If you decided to create a chatbot and integrate it into your website, mobile application, or social media accounts, then this tool will be a perfect pick. This bot framework allows you to build, integrate, and manage your chatbots on such platforms like Skype, Slack, Facebook, Cortana, among others, as well as on any website. 

There are some pre-designed models to use for your convenience. A chatbot made with this framework can be a perfect solution for communicating with visitors and ensuring positive customer experience. You can train your bot with some existing conversations and test it before deployment. Such an AI-powered chatbot will answer even the most difficult questions.
Here is another A great chatbot framework that can benefit your business. This one will be a great choice if you want to add a bot to your mobile application. It is a free platform, so you should definitely give it a try and explore the functionality of

This amazing framework supports many languages. It uses machine learning to provide the best natural conversations with customers. It’s even possible to communicate with a bot through voice command, as the chatbot learns from real communication pretty fast and will become more and more human-like.

The third chatbot development framework is called Dialogflow, and it allows you to create voice and text-based conversations in your app or website. The bot made with this framework will be powered by Google machine learning. Thus, you can integrate it for Twitter, Facebook, other apps, and websites, as well as for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This framework is one of the most popular among developers. It enables voice interaction features and can easily convert a person’s speech into text. It’s very easy to create and integrate a smart chatbot with the help of Dialogflow, so make sure to test it out even if you are not into programming.

Final Thoughts
Chatbots have become increasingly popular, and more and more businesses integrate such useful features to improve customer management and increase their satisfaction rate. Below, we have mentioned the three most effective and easy-to-use chatbot development frameworks. Make sure to try them out to create and train your smart chatbot that will engage with customers and assist them with their questions.