Different seasons carry different problems for homeowners. When you first get your place, you think it is going to be all sunshine and rainbows, but in reality is a lot different. You have your lawn that needs special attention between seasons or else it would perish, and the roof needs to be properly maintained to avoid leaks and mold forming when it rains.

Yet, out of all the various problems you might encounter around your place, the most dangerous are ones pertaining to the gas pipes. Your heating systems alone could put a lot of strain on those pipes, and it could lead to some serious complications. This is why you should check your gas pipes a lot more often. 

Avoiding leaks 

One of the most common problems you could face with gas pipes is leaks, which can be really dangerous. It is not like with a water leak where the worst that could happen is ruining your favorite carpet or causing some other flooding complications. When gas is around the place, it could cause a host of serious problems.

For starters, it will make your entire house smell really bad. This is because sulfur is used to make gas smell pungent and repulsive –– kind of like rotting eggs –– so people would notice if there is a leakage. This is why you need to be really careful and use your senses to notice if you’re suffering from any gas pipe problems because they will be quite obvious. 

Possible health complications 

Leaking gas does a lot more than just cause a foul smell around your place. You might start experiencing nausea, dizziness, and/or exhaustion. Things are a lot more dangerous than slight fatigue, though. Long exposure to gas can be fatal because it can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is deadly after long exposure. This is why it is crucial that you regularly check your gas pipes because if there is a problem with one that went off while you’re asleep or something, you might not wake up. 

Combustion hazard 

This is another very serious problem associated with gas pipes, and it might just be the most lethal. Gas pipes can cause combustion if a leakage had been left for too long, and needless to say, those can be very lethal. There is a safety mechanism inside the pipes, called purging system, where inert gases are pumped to mix with others to prevent flammability, but biodegrable paper is considered to be a better option than traditional purging systems. Those systems need to be put away from welding zones, while water soluble paper doesn’t have this problem, and it is also a lot cheaper and easier to use, while providing the same level of protection from combustion, if not more. Closely inspect your gas pipes on a regular basis so you could find any problems with the purging system, and see if there’s the possibility of replacing it with water soluble paper. 

Protecting vegetation 

One of the easiest signs to detect gas leaks is dead or dying vegetation in the area. Plants cannot survive when there is gas in the air, and they die out shortly after the leak. If not for anything, you need to check your gas pipes more often so you could avoid damaging your front or back yards, not to mention any vegetation you have around the house, which will not long survive direct exposure. 

Avoiding damage to equipment

Chances are a lot of electrical appliances running in your house are using gas, and if there is a problem with the pipes, they might be easily damaged. You will notice that they are making strange noises and will not be functioning as efficiently as they usually do, which might indicate a problem with gas piping. Unless you detect those issues early on and repair them, you stand to lose a lot of money repairing those appliances, and if the damage is irreparable, you will have to replace them –– costing you a lot more. Regular inspection of the gas pipes saves you all that trouble and you can protect and extend the lifespan of your electrical equipment.

Saving on the bills 

Leaking gas might cause your gas bill to spike up because your systems are consuming more than usual. Checking your gas pipes regularly could save you money on bills as you will detect leakages before they consume too much. 

Problems with gas pipes are a very serious matter than requires your immediate attention. Even if you don’t smell or see any signs of leakage, you should still regularly check them because catching the problem early on will save you a lot of trouble.