Decorating a small space can be hard and frustrating sometimes, but once you realize that you don’t need more room or more stuff, you’ll be amazed by how much you can do with limited space. Modern furniture offers comfort, space-saving, and luxury at the same time such as the most comfortable sofa bed. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the space of your small home, the list of furnishing suggestions below can help you make the most of the space you have both effectively and beautifully.

Scatter Colorful Throw Pillows Around

Adding a pop of color to a room can instantly create visual appeal, draw the attention away from the size of the space, and make the room more inviting. With a few colorful pillows, a vibrant throw blanket, or a patterned rug, you can easily add color and personality to any space, no matter how small it is.

Australia's houses are among the largest in the world, however, smaller or even tiny houses are rapidly growing in popularity in the Land Down Under. For that reason, the interior designers at SimpleCushions Australia recommend using cushions and throw pillows to express your personal style and add a splash of color to your home. With a wide variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, textures, shapes, and sizes to choose from, pillows offer a creative and simple way to accentuate your furniture and create an additional sense of space.

Hang at Least One Large Mirror

Using mirrors to visually maximize a small space is a common trick among interior designers. By reflecting light, mirrors are optimized the available light sources, instantly creating the illusion of a larger space. A large mirror, a mirrored end table, or any mirrored surface for that matter can bounce the light around the room and effectively open up the space. Keep in mind that a mirror has to face a window or a well-lit area of your room for it to actually brighten up the room. Avoid hanging mirrors in areas facing blank walls or places where they will reflect clutter or furniture.

Incorporate Plenty of Hidden Storage Units

When it comes to maximizing your space, incorporating plenty of multi-purpose furniture will yield the biggest returns. From storage coffee tables and trunks with lift tips to drawer end tables and credenzas, today’s furniture offers a variety of hidden storage options that can help you make the most of the space you have. Not only do storage units eliminate and reduce clutter, but they can also give your home a seamless, clean look.

Clear Up Floor Space With Shelves and Hanging Cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling shelves, hanging cabinets, and suspended wall shelves are great for adding extra storage options, clearing up floor space, preventing clutter buildup, and drawing the eye upwards, creating the illusion of height. Moreover, shelves can give you a chance to proudly display your precious collectibles, favorite books, cherished family pictures, and other prized items that you might want to boast about.

A Convertible Sofa is Your Best Friend

If your home leans towards the tiny size or if you live in a studio apartment, your living room probably also functions as your bedroom and in that case, a convertible sofa can be your best friend. From a sofa, it can be easily converted into a bed, and vice versa, accommodating both your sitting and sleeping needs in one multi-purpose design.

A L-Shaped Couch Can Be Everything You Ever Needed

For small living rooms, placing an L-shaped sectional in a corner will give you plenty of seating to accommodate more people while using every inch efficiently. And because it’s tucked in a corner, an L-shaped couch can free up extra space for your other furniture. Moreover, you can customize the seating area to your liking by placing the sectional  sofas any way you want to fit the space and meet your needs.

Stackable Furniture Saves Space

Traditional tables can take up too much space and regular chairs tend to be too bulky. For that reason, investing in a couple of metal or wood stackable chairs and tables that can be deployed at a moment’s notice whenever you have people over is a much better idea than cramming your small space with extra furniture that you never use.

The right furniture for your house depends on the activities and functions you need to perform within the space you have. Knowing exactly how you’ll be using the space can help you utilize every square foot of it to its full potential. Based on your needs, our tips and suggestions can help you choose the right furniture and accessories that can transform your small-scale home into a cozy little sanctuary.