best drill machine for home

The best drilling machine for home use is Bosch GSB which is a 500W 10RE professional kit. The weight is 1.5kg with a warranty of 6 months.

It can be used by a professional or a beginner both, it is safe to use and easy to handle. It can be used in craftwork or school projects or repairing household items of furniture or toys. Making the holes in the wall to hang the pictures or mirrors or any decorative material, this tool kit is the right choice.

It consumes low power and is easy to maintain as compared to other brands drilling machines. It is one of the best drilling machines in India.

  • Design: Its design is compact and can work in small spaces perfectly. It is light in weight, portable and performs overhead tasks. It is comfortable to work with it.
  • Kit includes: The professional Bosch kit contains a claw hammer, socket wrench, adjustable knife, adjustable wrench, screws, plugs, screw bit holder, 5 wood drill bits, 5 masonry drill bits, combination pliers with 4 metal drill bits, and a tool kit to organize these tools making it easy to carry.
  • The specialty of this tool kit is that it can be used as the multi-purpose: drill, hammer, screwdriver and the price of this drilling machine is very less as compared to the other brands.

Which drill brand is the best?

Many brands provide high-quality tools at cheaper rates but some are very popular in the market like Bosch drilling machines, Black & Decker KR554RE Reversible Hammer Drill machine, Cheston Cordless drill, iBELL Cordless Driver drill CD12-74, etc.

Among these Black & Decker have become popular for providing high-quality products with advanced designs giving tough competition to Bosch drilling machines.

It can also be used as a hammer or drilling machine for DIY projects, repairing household furniture, drilling holes in the walls, and school projects. It can be used to drill wood, steel, plastic, and metal. The drill machine is a lightweight and designed with innovation, its handle is covered with rubber to provide better grip over it and reduce strain on arms while working for long hours.

The machine has 500W power, with the speed control settings to change the speed. It has insulated plastic to prevent shocks. Its 20-inch gauge measures drilling depth to get the perfect drilling. It contains powerful tools like 4 drill bits, 13mm chuck key, auxiliary handle, dual-mode option- rotatory mode and hammering mode.

It comes with 6 months of manufacturing warranty, it is available at a reasonable price. It is also available in 10mm at a very low price.

Is Bostitch drill a good brand?

Yes, when it comes to high quality and value the Bostitch drill is a good brand. The most famous drill of Bostitch is the Cordless Drill, It can be used as DIY projects, drilling holes, in the wall or wood or steel, this drill is a hidden gem of a power tool manufactured by the Bostitch. It includes 18V battery, the charger, a carrying bag, and the bare tool at a reasonable price.

The Bostitch drill is specially designed for homeowners and DIY's, it has all basic features at a budget price. It has a glass fiber frame with a thermoplastic elastomer over mold to provide a powerful grip and extra protection to the tool. It is equipped with a LED light which gets activated on depressing the trigger, it is very bright good to work in the low light area also.

This drill machine has a two-speed gearbox that produces speed in range 350rpm to 1500rpm, with the 480 in-lbs torque to rotate the motor easily. It also comes with 6 months of warranty. The battery used are Lithium batteries that have approximately 7 years of life while drilling it can work for an hour continuosly, it has a good battery. The Bostitch drill beats every other drill in all the aspects either it is its features or price.

What is the cost of the drilling machine?

The cost of the drilling machine depends on the brand, its quality, and market value. The price range of the drilling machine varies from $20 to $200. It depends upon the budget and the purpose the drill machine is required for. Some of the drill machine with the prices mentioned:
  • Bosch GSB Tool kit: It is available online for USD 45, with 6 months of the date of invoice and warranty, The item weight is 3.73 kg, it includes 5 metal drill bits, 10 screwdriver bits, 4 wood drill bits, 6-inch combination pliers, adjustable wrench, key chucks, plastic carry case.
  • Black & Decker Kit: It is available online for USD 35, with 6 months of warranty and date of invoice. The item weight is 2.23kg, it includes chuck key, 4 drill bits, auxiliary handle, depth gauge. The specialty is it has a hammer action and is suitable for drilling concrete, wood, metal, etc.
  • Foster FPD-010RE Drill machine: It is available online for $15 and 6 months of warranty. I's weight is 1.5kg and provides a drill machine only. This drill machine is best for DIY projects and beginners.
  • iBELL IBL TD13-100 Professional Kit: It is available for a price of $40 online. It comes with 6 months of warranty, it includes screws, MS and plastic, auto chuck, its combo pack contains 115 different accessories. This kit is best for professionals at such a low price, this is the best option and right purchase.
  • CAMEL Brand drill machine: It is available at a cheap price of $10, the machine can be used for DIY projects and is good small drilling works. It has 3 months of warranty with the 350W power, it is best for small works.