Bosch CS10 7-1/4 In. fifteen A circular saw


Featuring a robust fifteen Amp, high output motor, Bosch's CS10 7-1/4 In. the saw offers quick, sleek cutting at a range of various angles. A sturdy Mg platform means that inflated stability and exactness accuracy. consideration in at simply ten.3 Lbs., the old master CS10 is simple to handle and cozy to use. An associate degree unimpeded read of the cut line means that higher visibility for additional precise cuts. With a soft-grip handle for another comfort and a blower for higher mud management, this can be one easy tool. The CS10 additionally options a 56-degree bevel capability, alongside positive detents at twenty-two, 5 degrees and forty-five degrees for performing on a large sort of comes.


  • 24-Tooth Carbide Blade -- CB724AB
  • Blade Wrench -- 1619X01144
  • Carrying Bag -- 2 610 914 300
  • CS5 7-1/4 In. fifteen A Left Blade saw


The old master CS5 left West Chadic style saw is that the quickest cutting saw in its category. old master quality for all job site environments and also the best product at the proper worth purpose. that includes a robust fifteen Amp, high output motor, Bosch's CS5 7-1/4 In. The saw offers quick, sleek cutting at a range of various angles. consideration in at simply ten Lbs., the old master CS5 is simple to handle and cozy to use. An associate degree unimpeded read of the cut line means that higher visibility for additional precise cuts.


  • 24 Tooth inorganic compound Blade -- CB724AB
  • Blade Wrench

Is a saw dangerous?

A saw is kind of will project particles. the disc will break and injure seriously, may even cause cuts and amputations.the close noise is additionally a problem. There are many table saw on sale to help you used to cut boards and can make long vertical cuts called rips or short angled cuts called crosscuts

To avoid mishaps, the saw machinery ought to be equipped with protecting elements just like the guard for the disc, cut dividing blade, guard for the simple machine drive, etc. Before commencing work, check the state of repair of the disc; if it's worn or cracked, replace it straight away. confirm the planet affiliation isn't annulled. Before getting down to cut and with the machine disconnected from the ability provide, flip the disc by hand. If it's cracked or split or if one or additional teeth square measure missing, then it's to get replaced. Otherwise, it's going to break throughout cutting and an employee could also be battle-scarred. The disc should be protected throughout the cut (guard down).

All nails or silver elements incrusted within the wood to be cut should be antecedently removed. The disc can crack or wood might shoot get in associate degree uncontrolled manner so leading to a significant accident. Circular saws aren't to be located at but three meters (as a general rule) from the sting of floor structures with the exception of these that square measure effectively protected (nets or railings, parapets, etc.).Electric power is to be provided by means that of moisture-proof cables equipped with watertight plugs via plug board.

Are skil saw any good?

The SKIL 7-1/14 In. saw 5280-01 may be a light-weight saw that's simple to use and removes wood higher than most of the saws we have a tendency to reviewed. it's additionally compatible with each standard- and arbor-size blades and includes a spindle lock button, that makes ever-changing blades simple and safe. to boot, it comes equipped with an optical maser guide to assist you to create a straight cut on every occasion. For these reasons and additional, it’s our high overall choose for this class.

At a mere eight 7 pounds, it won’t wear you out throughout serious use. Like most of the opposite saws on our lineup, the SKIL 5280-10’s blade is positioned on the right-hand aspect. This makes the blade troublesome to envision whereas the saw is in use. However, it will increase the machine’s overall balance and makes it easier to handle and maneuver.

The saw’s spindle lock holds the blade shaft in situ, thus it’s simple to alter your blade. With this feature, you'll replace the blade employing a single hex wrench. you'll store the hex wrench in a very convenient slot situated on the tool’s housing, thus you don’t get to look for it anytime you swap out the saw’s blade

What ought to I seek for once shopping for a circular saw?


A user’s initial impression of a saw is through its grip feel, balance, and easy changes. The rear handle of each saw ought to have a rubber surface for a certain grip and most will have identical material on their front knobs (pommels).

Trigger Safety

A few saw handles in our conductor gunfight were less comfy as a result of they were too vertical, too fat, or had trigger safety buttons that were troublesome to push. Trigger safeties ought to be inside simple reach of your thumb – even once bevel cutting – and ones you down on square measure usually easier to use than one you push in. positioning your hand to squeeze your thumb inward compromises your grip over a downward pushing action. And saws that need you to maneuver your trigger finger to succeed in the security and so reposition your hand with the saw running to urge an honest grip on the handle square measure the foremost awkward to start out.


A serious saw can forever feel heavy, however smart balance will offset the strain related to handling a heavyweight saw. detain mind that the plus-size batteries we regularly use in conductor circular saws place these tools at their heaviest – and also the larger batteries might negatively have an effect on the balance the tool was originally designed with

Bevel Angle

Setting a saw’s bevel angle exactly is less complicated with saws that have marked each one degree rather than every 5 degrees and skinny marks incised into the bevel angle quadrant square measure usually easier to visualize and last longer than those simply painted on. Similarly, definitive pointers down about to the degree mark scale back optical phenomenon error and increase setting exactness. but they're made, bevel scales and pointers with robust visual distinction facilitate vastly.