Did you know that by 2020, there will be 4 million smartphone users around the world?

Since apps are becoming an essential part of our day to day lives, people are depending on their devices more than ever. People use apps for all their day to day tasks, such as ordering food, calling for a cab, booking travel and stay tickets, shopping for clothes and groceries, and many more things.

With such high usability of mobile, the Android app market has also seen a persistent surge. That’s exactly why many android app development company are trying to integrate exciting and unique features in their applications so that users find their apps more efficient, useful, and productive.

If you are trying to enter the market with your Android app, then make sure your developers integrate the following features to make your app a true success.

1. Your app should have the search feature

Your app needs to have a handy search bar so that your audience can easily look for whatever they want. Creating a good app requires a lot of content. But the content you may display might not be something your user is looking for. In that case, your user should have the option to directly search whatever he/she is looking for. A lot of popular android apps in the market have a ‘Search’ feature that audiences use to locate content with keywords and key phrases related to their search.

2. Your app should provide seamless cross-platform coverage

Even though your major mobile user segment is the android market, you can’t afford to miss out on iOS or even Windows users. If you think developing a cross-platform app will increase your budget, you are wrong. You can economically create an app that offers cross-platform performance by adopting app development technologies such as Angular and React Native (it can deliver high-level code sharing).

3. You can’t compromise on the user interface

An essential feature of a successful app is a great user interface (UI). In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, first impressions are everything. The only way to impress your audience in a matter of seconds is to deliver an app with an excellent and speedy user interface. The success of your app is heavily dependent on how it looks and operates. This is especially applicable for free apps because their churn rate is very high. Expert Android app developers need to consider that in most cases, a user is operating from his/her mobile. If your UI does not cater to a small touch-screen device, then it does not add value to your product at all.

4. Efficient Customer Support

You need to understand that not all mobile phone users are tech-savvy. There will always be a segment of people who will need help with something as small as downloading the app. Such people might also have very basic questions related to using your app. Thus, a successful mobile app should have a strong customer support team that can solve customers’ doubts and even lead to sales. At times, you might also notice that you are prompted to answer the same question every now and then. In such a case, you can also develop a list of FAQs for your users.

5. Make sure your app requires more touch and less keyboard

When it comes to mobile applications, users find typing to be a cumbersome activity. If your app asks users to type unnecessarily, they might be less inclined to use it again. Thus, it is important that you design an android app that presents minimal usage of keyboard. You can make the whole search and navigation process easier for your users by adding tabs to your app. This will also enhance the user experience.

6. Don’t forget to add in social media tabs

Today, people like to post every activity they do on social media. Social media isn’t just used to share and comment on the latest news that’s doing the rounds. Social media has become a huge platform that can communicate and collaborate with businesses to target audiences beyond their reach. It is essential to make your app a part of the whole social media bandwagon. That’s exactly why you must include social sharing tabs of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn along with email sharing option in your mobile application.

Wrapping up

The Android app market is saturated with millions of apps. So if you are planning to launch your app, you have to make sure it has a uniqueness that distinguishes it from the rest of the existing apps. Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure out all this by yourself. All you've got to do is hire a good Android app development company and they will do the needful for you. The professionals at your chosen company will help you make an effective mobile that will skyrocket your business!

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