Aerial Platforms

Injuries that occur while using aerial lifts tend to be more severe as compared to the accidents involving other construction equipment. Aerial lift tip-overs, electrocutions, overturns, worker falls, etc. are some of the many types of accidents that take place from unsafe operations.

Here, we’ve compiled some safety tips to help you avoid workplace fatalities and stay safe while operating the aerial lift.

Hire Or Train The Aerial Lift Operators

As an employer, make sure that the employees are properly trained to operate the aerial lifts. Verify whether the person operating the equipment is familiar with the safety methods. You can test the new hires via hands-on assignments; it will demonstrate their operational knowledge.

The operators should have the necessary certifications and skills so that they can address the potential problems before any accident happens. You can consider online training from a reputable organization to educate your team about the proactive safety measures.

Make Sure That The Base And Circumference Are Clear

While working on any of the aerial platforms, make sure that the base and circumference are clear of the personnel. The tools can fall from the platform and hurt the person standing below. Sometimes, the aerial lifts may also tip over. So, it is crucial to keep the entire area clear to minimize the chances of anyone getting injured.

Avoid Sitting Or Climbing The Outer Edges

It seems easy to climb on the edge of the platform than moving the entire aerial lift to reach somewhere. However, it can be dangerous! Sitting or climbing on the side of the platform increases the chances of falling and may cause serious injuries.

If you are unable to access something while working on the platform, talk to the operator. He can help you to find a safe position to reach where you need.

Follow The Manufacturer’s Capacity Limits

Calculating the weight is time-consuming, especially if you carry additional tools on the lift. Irrespective of the time it takes to calculate the weight limit, make sure you are within the acceptable limit.

Also, clear the area of the debris or other pieces of equipment. Not only it will help to free up space, but it also ensures that there isn’t anything that may cause you to slip.

Inspect The Equipment Before Using

Regardless of the type of aerial lift you are using, inspect it before you use it. Check if the cables, cords, pulleys, and chains are in place. Tires, wheels, casters make a solid foundation to move the aerial lifts safely. So, it should also be checked if they are in good shape.

Before you get on to the platform, test all the lift controls. If something appears to be damaged, avoid using the aerial lift machine.

While Working, Focus On Operating The Aerial Lift Completely

Keep your mind clear and focus on your work while on the aerial platform. Also, avoid using any of the construction equipment if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Accidents occur even without such influences. And, adding these can increase the chances of mishap.

Besides this, fooling around or cracking jokes while using aerial lifts may also put you at risk. Give attention to following all the safety precautions and operating the lift.

Don’t Forget To Wear The Safety Gear

Hard hat, steel-toe boots, safety glasses are some of the protective gear you should wear. If any accident takes place, the safety gear can help minimize the injuries. Don’t wear loose clothing; it may get caught in any part of the lift and cause accidents.

These are just some of the many safety tips you must consider while using the aerial lift platforms. It will help to prevent accidents or injuries on-site.